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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Cats taken in fron Siler City Animal Neglect Case

Alley Cats and Angels was one of the local rescue groups contacted by CARE (Chatham Animal Rescue and Education) today about a neglect case they were working on. Many times no food was being provided. The little brown marble tabby came a litter where one had already died and the person responsible for the cats didn't seek vet care for him. It makes me cry that he died unloved and hungry and possibly in pain.

Grandpa Tom, the orange cat is approximately 18 years old, was run over twice by a car driven by the person responsible for his care - a responsibility she obviously took very lightly, as she did nothing to care for these cats. He is thought to have a fractured pelvis and other possible injuries. He is FIV positive. He was starving. And he is a love bug.

The other two adult cats have wounds and one is FIV positive and haven't eaten in a while.  The three kittens all have wounds and are emaciated - they eat like they haven't had food in quite some time. All cats are ridden with parasites. 

All six of these cats are at the vet today. PLEASE CONSIDER MAKING A DONATION TO HELP OFFSET THE MEDICAL CARE OF THESE CATS - as much vet care will be needed. Thank you.

Picasa Web Album of Siler City Animal Neglect Cats


Random Felines said...

We will never understand how people can be like that. We will be purrin for these kitties!!

meowmeowmans said...

OMG. That woman's callous behavior is appaling and infuriating. And the kitties' conditions are heartbreaking. We are purring and praying.

Feline Devine said...

It just blows my mind how people are so heartless and irresponsible. I am happy to know these animals are now in good hands.

Cats of Wildcat Woods said...

Oh how sad that someone would let these sweet cats be so neglected. Will pass this on for donations!

JC said...

If I lived near, I would take in one of them but since I don't, I'll go donate to them.