We Want You to Foster!

Friday, June 19, 2009


We have kittens, kittens, and more kittens – yes we do! On top of the 18 kittens and 16 adults already in our adoption program waiting for their forever home, we took in 22 more kittens into the adoption program in the past two weeks).

  • 6 well socialized kittens, 3 with adoption applications in on them already (their initial rescuer and foster mom has done a great job getting the word out about the kittens)
  • 6 that are quite shy/scared from a feral colony and need a lot of socializing but are young enough to socialize well for adoption
  • 3 are super friendly and moving to a new foster home this weekend
  • 7 were born to feral moms but have been living in a bad situation so currently receiving lots of TLC and medical care so they can become strong healthy kittens – most are friendly, a couple are a little shy

Of the first set of 18 kittens already in the adoption program, there are:

  • 5 young kittens that are fully vetted and available for adoption now
  • 2 kittens in foster-to-adopt homes that will be spayed/neutered and adopted next week
  • 4 kittens that will be spayed/neutered on the 24th and available for adoption after the 29th
  • 7 kittens that are scheduled to be spayed/neutered on July 15th and will be available for adoption after the 20th

We’re hoping some of the cats and kittens available for adoption now will get great new homes soon. We have many more cats/kittens on the intake waitlist.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Adoptions week ending 6/14/09

Seven (7) kittens were adopted this week. Five wonderful homes for seven incredible kittens.
  • Baxter
  • Squeaker
  • Wally and Scooter (together)
  • Hannah and Hilarie (together)
  • Haylie

While we are very excited about 17 adoptions in two weeks, we will be "jumping over the moon ecstatic" when some of our adults find homes. Kittens are great, but adult cats are just as wonderful and they don't keep you up at night playing soccer on your chest and forehead.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thank you to our first monthly cat sponsor

A very heartfelt thank you to Maria B. in Middlesex for being our first monthly sponsor in our Sponsor a Cat program.

Maria is sponsoring Leesha (pictured above), a very timid and shy cat waiting for that special and purrfect home.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Adoptions this week

TEN (10) cats/kittens found their new homes this week. The following were adopted:

  • Hunter
  • Mama Gray
  • Ellie and Pippin' (together)
  • Smokey, Jewell, and McGee (together)
  • DiNozzo and Ducky (together)
  • Gibbs
We are very excited for the kitties. Great kitties and great homes. Purr-fect matches.

Barn Cat Update

We relocated another five feral/semi-feral cats into barn homes this past weekend. That makes 44 high-risk ferals/semi-ferals that we've placed in barns homes since January 4th of this year.

We still have many urgent high-risk ferals on the wait list for barn/garden homes. If you have space and shelter (barn, detached garage, ventilated outbuilding, etc.), please consider savings the lives of a few feral cats by adopting them as barn/garden cats. You provide them with daily food, water and shelter and they will repay you by helping keep down the rodent population.

There is no fee for our barn cat program, although donations are always gratefully accepted and are tax deductible.

Monday, June 1, 2009

National Adopt a Cat Month / Adopt a Shelter Cat Month

Kittens too much work? Then consider adopting an adult cat. Adult cats are just as wonderful and won't keep you awake at night playing soccer on your forehead.

In celebration of the American Humane's national Adopt a Cat Month and ASPCA's Adopt a Shelter Cat Month, we have sponsorships to encourage the adoption of adult cats. These sponsorships allow us to offer a special adoption fee of $50 for all adult cats adopted during the month of June. All cats have received wellness exams, are spayed/neutered, tested for FeLV/FIV, fully vaccinated (FVRCP/FeLV initial vaccination and booster, and rabies vaccinated), treated for intestinal parasites, treated for fleas, and microchipped.

You can meet the cats at our various adoption events throughout the month or arrange to meet the cat at its foster home by emailing or calling 919-303-3500.