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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Jazz adopted

The last of his litter and our current featured cat, Jazz was adopted last night by a family that met him at Petsmart earlier in the week.  We are so happy for Jazz.  He's such a good boy.  It's amazing to see how far Jazz had come. After working with him for quite a while, we thought he and his brother, Jacob, might have to be barn cats because they were not only not friendly but try to pick them up and they'd scratch and bite.  So I decided to change tactics and let Jacob and Jazz run around the house and just left them alone and let them come along at their own pace instead of "forcing" attention on them.  And they both did come along.  It was less than three weeks before Jacob was sleeping right next to me at night and being super cuddly and he was adopted a few months ago.  Jazz  came along at a slower pace but he did come along.  Jazz was a favorite at adoption events.  After a few events, he started being a ham and reaching out and grabbing people and nibbling on their fingers and playing with doggies as they passed by (he loves dogs).  And each event, everyone commented on how awesome he was, but then no applications.  So finally!  Jazz's time.  Our handsome gray tabby with the nose of a brown tabby.

I guess that closes the chapter on January adoptions because of the weather.  We had to cancel today's adoption event and it doesn't look good for tomorrow's event either.  We did receive an application last night by a young man that met Fidget and Carmen at Petsmart yesterday.  He came back last night as I was leaving after cleaning the cats and letting them run around and play and spent some time with both of them.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Anyone have any ideas for Q names

I will be naming the young Siamese mix from Operation Catnip something that starts with a Q since it's one of the letters with the fewest names.  Makes sense to use it for just one cat.   I used Qaylee (pronounced kaylee) for the Q girl last year.  However, I'm at a loss this time.  Other than Queenie, most of the names I've found are for males. 

She is a super sweet girl.  Weather permitting (if we don't have tons of snow since I live on the Dante's Peak of Knightdale (horribly steep and long driveway), she will be spayed, etc. Monday. 

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Updates and miscellaneous ramblings...

The B's will be going to a foster to adopt home after finishing quarantine.  They were vetted last week but still need one more FVRCP+FeLV vaccination (booster) in three weeks.  After the last booster, they can be adopted.

Odessa (the little spitfire black kitten) is doing great.  She's a little cutie and has great potential to be a huge lovebug.  She's FeLV/FIV negative but too young to be spayed.  She received her first vaccination today (treated for fleas, intestinal parasites yesterday).

Little girl Siamese mix is doing great.  She is negative for FeLV/FIV and will be spayed this week.I have got to figure out a name for her, and find her a foster home. 

Jasper, the big Siamese tom, went to the vet today.  First step is testing.  Vet called, he is FIV positive according to the SNAP test. She did the rest of his vetting and I called his foster home to see if they would still take him.  Thankfully the answer was yes otherwise I would've been scrambling to find another foster home.  Since he was positive on the SNAP test, we'll send out his blood for a Western Blot test to confirm that he actually is FIV positive.  If he is positive, it may take longer to find a good home for him, but he's in a great foster home and will receive love and attention until he is adopted. 

FIV is not the big bad scary disease it was thought to be for many years.  I personally have an FIV positive cat.  Maddie is an extremely shy, semi-feral black cat that came to live with me about a year ago -- Maddie loves snuggling up with my cats and she almost let me touch her now. I knew she was FIV when I took her in. I had done a lot of research on the subject because of volunteering at a no-kill shelter that had FIV positive cats and I was considering adopting one. 

One of my biggest pet peeves is when people say FIV is like feline AIDS because it creates a stigma.  It's this stigma that leads FIV positive cats to take longer to adopt than FIV negative cats.  FIV does not lead to acquired immunodeficiency syndrome in cats as often as HIV leads to AIDS in people.  Many people still believe it's highly contagious (it's not) and that cats will have a very short livespan with FIV (that's not true, they can live long healthy lives).  FIV cannot be spread from one species to another.  FIV is relatively hard to transmit, the most common forms of transmission are through severe bit wounds or throgh an infected mother cat to giving birth to kittens.  Most FIV+ cats could be adopted and live with FIV-negative cats with very little risk of transmitting the disease. Because FIV is most commonly transmitted through bite wounds, a non-aggressive FIV+ cat would not put other cats at risk.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Adoptions and new arrivals this week

It seemed like reunion weekend this weekend. Yesterday at least three of our adopters came by to see us and let us know how the cats are doing (all great and all spoiled rotten).  Othello's new mommy (well, it's been 4 or so months) came by and it was terrific to get an update on him.  Othello was one of my favorite fosters, one of the ones that are especially hard to let go and then you cry like a baby even though you know the cat/kitten is going to a fantastic home.

It was a slow week, we only had one adoption this week, but it was a great adoption.  One of our previous adopters came by to adopt another cat from us.  They love cats and also wanted a playmate for Speckles (the cat they adopted from us late summer/early fall.  They spent time with Xanadu, Carmen, and Lexus and decided on Lexus.  It was an awesome match and we're excited.

So, one adopted but we have five new arrivals this week.  We took in two adorable (but then there are no ugly cats -- well maybe those hairless ones) orange and white kittens Tuesday night about 4 months old.  Honestly, it wouldn't matter if they weren't cute, we take in the ones that need us as long as we have space or I'm sure I can find a foster home for.  I don't want to be a rescue that only takes in the prettiest cats.  The kittens were neutered, etc. Thursday but still not ready for adoption.  They need to finish out quarantine and need one more vaccination (FVRCP+FeLV booster) before they can be adopted.  We've named them Beamer and Basil and will have pictures up soon.  We have an application in on the B's already.

Today, we took in a large Siamese mix tom.  He looks to be maybe 4-5 years old.  Gigantic head!  His intake has been planned for several days so he goes to the vet tomorrow morning.  We've named him Jasper and we already have a foster home for him. 

And today was Operation Catnip (spay/neuter clinic for feral and free roaming cats).  Marie (on the board of Alley Cats and Angels) volunteers at OC and has for several years.  She called this morning about a friendly 5-6 month old Siamese mix and pulled her before she was spayed, vaccinated and ear cropped so we can take her to our vet.  OC vets are terrific but the time they spend on surgery and the supplies used should be used for cats that aren't going to a rescue.  Blood already pulled for FeLV/FIV SNAP test and we'll get her into our vet this week for spaying, etc.  No name for this pretty lady yet but will come up with one soon and name her soon.  We need a foster home for this sweet girl.

About 1-2 hours later, Marie emailed me a picture of a kitten and I couldn't say no because she is small and young enough to socialize and adopt out.  She was too small for TNR.  Well, she could've been spayed, but not rabies vaxed yet.  I am a huge TNR advocate but I absolutely hate not pulling the small ones that come into the clinic when we can and working with them to socialize and then adopt them out.  Now if there had been 20 or 30 eight to nine week old kittens there today, we wouldn't have been able to pull them all because we don't have enough foster homes.  It's one of the reasons my friends won't allow me to volunteer at Operation Catnip -- I'd pull so many and bring them home.  Well, "little girl" is a little black kitten with some white hairs here and there and two little twinkletoes on her back fee (two little spots of white on tow middle toes of one back foot).  She's a little spit fire but at 8-9 weeks old, she has loads of potential.  My dearest friend Debbie (traitorous dog foster most of the time now - just kidding on the traitorous part) is fostering her.  She'll have that little spit fire eating out of her hand and totally socialized in a short time.  Debbie has years of experience fostering kittens.  She'll name little girl and get pictures soon I'm sure.  And by pictures, I mean we'll have more pictures than we know what to do with - but that's quit alright. Blood was drawn for the FeLV/FIV test before she went to Debbie's house

Friday, January 22, 2010

Come visit the cats this weekend - two adoption events

Two places to see and adopt our kitties this weekend:
  • Saturday and Sunday, January 23-24 from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM at the PetSmart in Knightdale
  • Saturday, January 23, from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM at the PetSmart in Apex (Beaver Creek Commons)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

We love updates from adopters

We often get updates from adopters and we love them.  In response to our newsletter today, we received three updates already.  Thank you and please keep them coming!

Ivan (now named Dexter) - Russian Blue Mix Kitten
Dexter is doing great. I just wanted to thank you so much for all your help with him. He's an amazing cat and a fantastic addition to our home. He's insanely talkative, playful and gets along surprisingly well with all of our house guests, considering the online info about Russian Blues. I'm sure this has to do with the kids in Stacey's house. She's got a good socialization thing going there. He's far more affectionate when there's only one person home though, which is fine. We recently had some friends visit from California that are allergic to cats and they were fine. Now they want to find a Russian Blue too.

Vera (now named Coco) - wonderful adult tabby
It's been almost a year now since we adopted Coco (aka Vera). We can't imagine our lives without her. She is so loved!! She adores being on the screen porch when it's sunny and hanging out with the kids wherever they are in the house. She's gotten used to our lab, although Coco will never be in love with her, much to Marlie's disappointment. Thank you again for such a wonderful kitty and for all of the good that you do!

Pebbles (now named Maddi) - Shy calico kitten
I adopted Pebbles (we now call her Maddi and she knows her new name) in late November/early December. She has totally became a much loved member of the family with her other furry siblings (Max, Ranger and Moka). She is a love! She purrs all the time and loves to be pet and cuddled (except when she wants to play). She'll play with anything that moves and it's quite comical sometimes. She has the run of the house although her safe place is behind or under the big leather chair. She hides from Max who just wants to chase and catch her - she's not really fond of that. I can honestly say she is the best cat ever! We love her so much. Thank you for all you do for all the cats and kittens and for rescuing our Maddi!!! I have attached a recent picture of her.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Animal Rescue Site Challenge - Vote for Alley Cats and Angels

Looking for a free and fast way to help Alley Cats and Angels?  Please vote for us on the Animal Rescue Site!  Vote every day through April 18, 2010.

Search - Alley Cats and Angels, Apex, NC

The Animal Rescue Site $100,000 Shelter Challenge - together with Petfinder. The grand prize is a $10,000 grant and there are many more prizes ranging from $1,000 for weekly winners. There will be a winner in every state as well as other grants. 

It's free, and only takes a moment of your time. Thank you!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Meet Tiger, our "chunk of love"

Est. DOB: ~1/2008
Color: DSH Gray Mackeral Tabby with White
Gender: M

Tiger is a 2 year old gray tabby who was found wandering the city streets in 20 degree weather. He was taken in by a kind soul until he could be placed in foster care to await his forever home. Tiger is a gentle cat and likes to sleep at the top of the cat tree. But he’s also a playful boy and thinks the interactive feather wand is pretty fun. He doesn’t mind other cats but is an independent boy. He loves being scratched behind the ears and sitting next to you. With a little coaching, he could be a purring lap cat.  Tiger is a big boy, if he were a football player, he'd be a linebacker.  But that just means there's more of him to love.

Do you have room in your heart and home for this chunk of love?  Tiger is currently at the Petsmart Knightdale adoption center through January 31.  He'd love to meet you.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Terrific Tabbies Week!

Come see our kitties in the adoption center of the PetSmart Knightdale.  They will be there through Sunday, January 31. 

We have tabbies, tabbies, more tabbies, and a couple of black kittens!  All of our "cats of color" [e.g. orange, buff, Siamese mix, etc.] were either adopted in the past week, were in the adoption center at the PetSmart Capital for the past two weeks so we don't want them back in cages at another adoption center (too long in cages), or are cats that just won't do well in the adoption center. 

So come see the terrific tabbies this week.  We have a variety.  Brown tabby, gray tabby, gray tabby with white, gray creme tabby.  Marble tabbies, mackeral tabbies, patched tabbies.  See, they might be all tabbies but there's variety!  And of course the two adorable black kittens.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Two adopted today

Arnie, an older (8.5-9 months) old kitten who is friendly but shy, was adopted today by a gentleman that was at the Petsmart adoption center this week visiting with an in-your-face friendly younger kitten when Arnie caught his eye.  One of our volunteers was there cleaning and visiting with cats and talked with him about Arnie.  An application was submitted that night.  Chad adopted Arnie today (Saturday).  Super fantastic news for Arnie.  Great addition to the family that adopted him.

And Nosey (adult) was adopted by the most precious elderly lady today and her daughter.  Nosey is the perfect cat for her - it was pretty much love at first sight personality wise.  A wonderful match.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ahhhhh Oscar, I miss you

Well, Oscar went to his new foster home today. Oscar has IBS.  Oscar is about 9 months but thin but was started today on Purina Overweight Management food by our vet.  I know, it seems a little odd, but Purina OM is a low-residue food and that's what we need to try Oscar on first.  He'll get dry and canned.  Per an animal nutritionist, it takes several months for the old food to get completely out of the system, so he'll be on this food for a while.  If that doesn't work, then we start the long process of trying other foods including a grain free cat food, the duck and green pee food, etc.  Most likely, Oscar will never have great poop, but if we can get it where it's not completely horrible, we can find him a great home. 

Oscar's new foster mom has a cat who also has IBS, so she's the perfect (should I be corny and say purr-fect) person to foster him.

But I'm sad because he's my boo.  I love that little monkey.  Who's going to sleep on my pillow now? 

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Meet Jazz, super sweet tabby

All of Jazz's siblings have been adopted and he really wants a forever home of his own soon.

Rescued as an 8-9 week old feral kitten, Jazz sure has come along way.  He was very shy and skittish and would scratch and bite if you tried to pick him up.  Now, the only time he tries to run is when he sees the carrier - he hates going in the carrier.  Jazz likes to be picked up and loved.  He even tolerates his foster mom kissing him on the nose. Jazz likes other cats but does need some acclimation time.  Jazz seems to like dogs.  He hasn't been in a foster home with dogs but when doggies come visit him at adoption events he likes to reach out and touch their noses.  He never puts his claws out or scratches, and he never slaps the doggies - he is genuinely trying to play with the dogs and it's cute.  He loves to reach out and grab people and lick their fingers and give them little love nibbles.  Jazz is a handsome fellow, we wish he would sit still so we could take a better picture.  What a handsome gray tabby with a little brown tabby nose.  :-)

Updates on just a few of our babies adopted in December

Swizzle (now Willie)
Here is an email from Willie's adopters: "Willie Boy is a love!!!!  He has won the hearts of two of our other 2 cats and the 3rd is no longer hissing each time he walks in, so he's on his way with her... WE are ALL doing just fine. I'd have to say... Willie is the most well adjusted cat we've ever adopted.... Couch, heck...  Willie's a pillow man.... So nice to meet you and please know that I've taken every opportunity to let others know how wonderful Alley Cats and Angels was to Willie and us!!!" Thanks Ebbie, Maggie Pearl, Harris.... and of course, Willie

Jayden's new mom called us and is over the moon happy with Jayden.  She said Jayden settled in nicely and is the perfect fit for their home. The family is so ecstatic with the newest addition to their family.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Weekend update (adoptions and incoming and other news)

Two older kittens (8-9 months) were adopted today.  Both Stroodle and Fuzzle found new homes.  Our little girls found great homes.

So, we adopted out two and we're taking in four adults.  :-)  We're taking in one cat that was abanonded at Petsmart in a bag several weeks ago and it appeared as if he had caught his neck or hung on something, it was so bad.  But he's doing great and will come home with us tomorrow. Zammie is a super sweet gray brown tabby manx.  I love the tailless cats!  We named him Zammie in honor of the Petsmart manager, Zamantha. 

And we're taking in three very shy very big adult cats (Tiger, Price, and Aubrey) from a very small rescue group that is taking a small step back from rescue right now due to serious family illness.  The current foster home for these cats is coming over to Alley Cats and Angels and will continue to foster the three until we find other foster homes or they are adopted.  These boys are big handsome hunks and they'll be up on the website soon.  We wish the other rescue group the absolute best and they are in our prayers.

And lastly, our cats will now be featured in the Petsmart Knightdale adoption center the last two weeks of each month.  So that's Petsmart Knightdale last two weeks of every month, and Petsmart Capital Boulevard first two weeks of every other month, with adoption events held each weekend we are in that location.  Plus our other regular option venues of Pet Supplies Plus and Petco Brier Creek, and the "non-regular" adoption venues.  We actually have the Petsmart Capital Boulevard store adoption space every other month for the full month but we don't believe in keeping cats caged that long.  So we have given another rescue group the Capital Boulevard adoption center the last two weeks of each month we are there. 

We need more adoption event volunteers and volunteers to help clean cages and visit with the cats while we are in the adoption centers.  Nightly cleaning takes about 20-30 minutes and then out of cage, interactive play time with the cats.  Overall, it's about a 75-90 minute committment at night.  It's a great way to help the cats.  You can volunteer for one night a week, one night every two weeks, or as often as your schedule allows.  If you're interested in joining the cleaning team, please email

A lot of news for one weekend.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Just because they are so darn cute

A new picture of the V kittens.  Three have adoptions pending spay/neuter on them (will go to foster to adopt homes once they are 8 weeks old and have been tested for FeLV/FIV and receive their FVRCP+FeLV vaccination and then be adopted once they receive their FVRCP+FeLV booster, rabies vax, are spayed/neutered, and microchipped). 

Meet some of our newly adoptable cats

We have quite a few new cats for adoption (be sure and check out our website and meet some of our other cats too).  Below are the "newbies".

Parker, DSH Brown Tabby, Male ~9.5 months

Fuzzle, DSH Flame Point Siamese Mix, Female ~8 months

Lexus, DSH Black, Male, ~3.5 months

Lyric, DSH Orange Tabby, Male, ~3.5 months

Nosey, DSH Dilute Calico, Female, ~2 years

Uma, DSH Brown Tabby, Female, ~2-3 years

Xanadu, DSH Black, Male, ~4.5 months

Xiu-Xiu, DSH Gray Tabby, Male, ~4.5 months

Yancy, American Shorthair Gray and White Patched Tabby, Female, ~4 years

Yates, America Shorthair Brown Marble Tabby, Male, ~4 years

Yaya, American Shorthair Gray and White Patched Tabby, Female, ~4 years

Come visit the cats!

A bunch of our cats will be in the adoption center of the PetSmart on Capital Boulevard/Millbrook Road in Raleigh starting this evening (Monday, January 4th) through Sunday, January 17th.  They'd love some visitors. 

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Too bloody cold out

Did a barn relocation today of two cats (they have been outside so are used to the elements) but man was I cold!  Have a beautiful wool dress coat but not much warm to wear for relos so I was cold.  Plus, can't really wear gloves when setting up the cage, etc.

Nice barn but had to park a good distance away.  So after carrying the cage, and accessories, and cats (three trips total but would've been much more if the barn owners hadn't carried as much as they did), I was even more cold.  And the cats are chunkers!  Why don't I do better planning where I relocate the fat cats to barns where I can park right by it?!! 

Sid and Pudgie are set up in a cage in the hay room so they will be nice and warm (took lots of blankets to cover them up at night with also just in case). 

It's much much colder in other parts of the US, so I certainly should stop whining about how cold I was.  :-)