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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Too bloody cold out

Did a barn relocation today of two cats (they have been outside so are used to the elements) but man was I cold!  Have a beautiful wool dress coat but not much warm to wear for relos so I was cold.  Plus, can't really wear gloves when setting up the cage, etc.

Nice barn but had to park a good distance away.  So after carrying the cage, and accessories, and cats (three trips total but would've been much more if the barn owners hadn't carried as much as they did), I was even more cold.  And the cats are chunkers!  Why don't I do better planning where I relocate the fat cats to barns where I can park right by it?!! 

Sid and Pudgie are set up in a cage in the hay room so they will be nice and warm (took lots of blankets to cover them up at night with also just in case). 

It's much much colder in other parts of the US, so I certainly should stop whining about how cold I was.  :-)

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