We Want You to Foster!

Friday, September 27, 2013

We're at capacity

Alley Cats and Angels' foster homes are at capacity and we have several cats being returned due to severe allergies.  We've had more returns this year than before - I guess that happens the longer an organization has been around, the more cats you've adopted out.  Many of them due to loss of home, military deployment, etc.  Because of this, we have had to make the very hard decision to completely close intake and our wait list at this time. We have always been able to make an exception for dire circumstances, but we don't even have room for make those exceptions right now.   It is a heart wrenching decision. 

If you can foster - please contact us at  If you are interested in adopting - please check out our great cats and kittens available for adoption - they are fully vetted.

Please help us continue to help the cats.  We urgently need foster homes and adoptive forever homes.  We also need people to please help spread the word about our organization.  

Thank you.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Adoption Update

A little slow this weekend with two adoptions but it was a holiday weekend.  Camellia and The Great and Power Oz were adopted (not together).  Also, Nikita was adopted on Tuesday evening.   Congratulations to the kitties and their new families!

Tina Fey was returned due to the adopter's severe allergies.  Sometimes people react to some cats and not the others so the adopter is seeing an allergist this week and will try fostering a few kitties (one at a time) to see if there is one that her allergies can handle.  Such a nice person, we hope it works out.