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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Thank you!

Alley Cats and Angels has the best and most awesome supporters and volunteers. My heartfelt thanks to everyone that helped make our yard / bake sale a success. Thank you to everyone that donated items for the yard sale; baked for the bake sale, helped sort, price and organize before the sale; set up for the sale; and picked up donated items. Thank you (and I hope you are now finally warm) to al...l that braved the terrible rains and cold to staff the sale. Thank you to Daryl for being the yard sale goddess. Really, just a huge thank you to everyone. I am so proud to be able to work with some wonderful people.

The weather was horrible. We dealt with bitter cold and rain - and not just a drizzle, it was all out downpour a good part of the sale.  Everyone was a trooper.

We made $2,400 yesterday at the yard sale and bake sale. We made another $111.50 today selling bake sale items left over from yesterday at Petsmart. 

And because we had so much great stuff donated and all of the rain, we were not able to put out all of the items for sale, so we will be holding another yard sale this coming Saturday, November 5th. 

Again, my deepest gratitude to all that make this possible,

Tia Hagnas
Founder and President

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I'm behind on posting, sorry.  Getting ready for the fall yard sale and bake sell and preparations to move into another Petsmart adoption center, as well as taking in two kittens with deformed front legs has consumed all of my time lately.  Most likely no posts until after the yard sale this weekend..  Sorry....

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Update on the cats taken in from the Siler City Neglect/Abuse Case

“Grandpa Tom”
Grandpa Tom was neutered and had dental done last week. He had 3 teeth removed and is healing, so he drools a lot. He has had his first round of deworming, and is on antibiotics for the infection in his mouth. He still has trouble getting around and will be on 'crate rest' for another 5 weeks as his pelvis heals. He likes to have his belly rubbed and has a big purr motor. There is a large scar over his eye from an old injury.  Tom eats a can and a half to two cans of A/D food a day.

Yeah, he's a little rough looking, but he's still beautiful to us!

The Kittens
Tiny cat weighs 1lb 8.5oz, she weighed 1.5 lbs when we got her. Still has 3rd eyelid, but no puss in her eye. Is on eye medication.  Tiny cat purrs when you pet her and likes to have her chin rubbed.

Orange boy plays with toys and other cats.

Fluffy kitten likes you to rub her belly.

The Two Younger Adults
Adult Male (Mac): The fluffy tabby male was neutered last week, as well as had some teeth pulled. He’s been on pain meds and antibiotics. He went back to the vet today and he was sedated again, and the wounds were lanced and samples were taken to be sent out for culture. A costly lab procedure but Dr. Tice needs to know what kind of infection it is in order to be able to determine the right combination of medications to treat him. It is possible that the foot may need to be amputated in the future, but with the culture pinpointing exactly what we’re looking at (what strain of infection, and possible fungal?), hopefully, medication and continuous care is all he’ll need for that food to heal. He is very sweet and loving. And very much enjoys a comfy cozy (and very clean) place to sleep and really good food. His personal butler also brings him canned food twice daily. He is doing well at the vet since he woke up from sedation and is playing with a toy mouse. (will work to get pictures of Mac).

Adult Female (Iggy): Last week, the vet had initially recommended euthanasia (not a common course of action for Dr. Tice) but we wanted to give her every chance possible for a happy and healthy life. She’s been on antibiotics and pain medication. Her wounds were so bad and on both feet. She went in to be spayed today and her wounds showed no sign of improvement at all. She was in extreme pain and Dr. Tice called me this morning and said she strongly recommended euthanasia. She does not believe her wounds will ever heal to the point where she will not have pain. She felt she was suffering, in great pain, and it was in Iggy’s best interest to help her peacefully pass. Here we have a vet who is never quick to recommend euthanasia say it was the most humane thing to do for Iggy, after more conversation, it was with much sadness and heartbreak that I agreed. It is very sad to lose one. And it is not much comfort, but she had a nice warm and cushy place to sleep for a week and very nutritious and delicious food. She too had a personal butler to ensure she had yummy canned several times daily.

All have received first round treatment for lice and have finished their first round of deworming protocol (Drontal, 5 days of Panacur, and 5 days of Marquis paste solution). All are eating supplemental canned food with Royal Canin prescription AD canned food, along with dry food.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Cats taken in fron Siler City Animal Neglect Case

Alley Cats and Angels was one of the local rescue groups contacted by CARE (Chatham Animal Rescue and Education) today about a neglect case they were working on. Many times no food was being provided. The little brown marble tabby came a litter where one had already died and the person responsible for the cats didn't seek vet care for him. It makes me cry that he died unloved and hungry and possibly in pain.

Grandpa Tom, the orange cat is approximately 18 years old, was run over twice by a car driven by the person responsible for his care - a responsibility she obviously took very lightly, as she did nothing to care for these cats. He is thought to have a fractured pelvis and other possible injuries. He is FIV positive. He was starving. And he is a love bug.

The other two adult cats have wounds and one is FIV positive and haven't eaten in a while.  The three kittens all have wounds and are emaciated - they eat like they haven't had food in quite some time. All cats are ridden with parasites. 

All six of these cats are at the vet today. PLEASE CONSIDER MAKING A DONATION TO HELP OFFSET THE MEDICAL CARE OF THESE CATS - as much vet care will be needed. Thank you.

Picasa Web Album of Siler City Animal Neglect Cats

Monday, October 10, 2011

Adoption Update

Adoption UpdateIt was a great adoption weekend.  We found homes for seven great cats and kittens.  The following cats were adopted:
  • Walnut and Blitzle (together)
  • Casper (adult!!!)
  • Shiraz
  • The Watch Cat (interesting story on how he got his name - I've posted it below)
  • Khloe
  • Courtney
Congratulations to the kitties and their new homes. 

The Watch Cat
You might think the name “The Watch Cat” is an unusual name for a kitty, but it really fits.  This incredibly handsome boy was one of three kittens trapped at a feral colony for TNR, however, they were just a little too young to be TNR’d so someone offered to foster us until we were old enough for spay/neuter. Unfortunately, two of the cats didn’t think much of humans. When they went to an Alley Cats and Angels’ foster home, the two hid all the time but this boy didn't hide.  Instead he sat and watched everything. He was very interested in people and would watch to see what they were doing and what was going on in the house, Because of his interest in people, his foster mom knew he was meant to have a forever inside home. She started calling him “The Watch Cat” and the moniker stuck! He still likes to watch everything – he finds it all just fascinating. His foster mom fell fast in love with him but knows she can't adopt every cat she falls in love with!  It was hard but she let him move into the adoption center.  She was at the adoption event yesterday and had the final say on the adoption (his foster mom happens to be one of our best adoption counselors) and she knew The Watch Cat and his new family were a good fit for each other.  Although she did cry.  Sometimes we get extra attached to some of the cats and it's hard to say goodbye.

The other two kittens were returned to the back yard colony, however, since they were returned after being inside for a while to be tamed, our barn cat relocation protocol was used and the cats were caged on the caregivers back porch for several weeks before they were released from the cage. 

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Adoption Update

It started out to be a painfully slow adoption weekend - no adoptions yesterday, the first time we've had no adoptions on a Saturday in what seems like forever!  Of course it was an absolutely gorgeous day out yesterday, so maybe that kept people away. 

Today was much better.  Four adoptions today.  Wiggles, Jackson, Trix (YAY Trix!!!), and Bob.  BOB!!!  Woohooo - Bob!!  Sorry, we get extra excited when an adult cat is adopted.

We are so happy these families opened their hearts and homes to our rescued kitties. 

Prison Cat Project - another update

The prison cat project was featured again today in the newspaper.  Bob Wilson wrote an article in the Opinion / Viewpoints section of the Durham News.  The piece is titled "A Timeless Story of Cats and Cons".  He also references a great project at the Indiana State Prison with the inmates and cats.  It's great.  Check out the article here:

Runt is adapting nicely.  She lets me put her all over.  Twinkletoes is coming around but a little slower but I can reach and pet her with no issues.  Bobo and Smokey - the older of the cats we took in - are slower to adjust.  I can reach in and pet Bobo but he's scared.  When he looks directly at me, I blink slowly and then look away to let him know I'm not a threat.  Smokey - who gave high fives to inmates - isn't so sure he likes the indoors but he likes his nice cushy bed!  And they love cat treat.  They think Temptations Tuna treats are the bomb!!