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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Prison cat project story is in the News & Observer

I would like to thank the writer, Brooke Cain, for diligently working to get all the facts and also writing an article with a positive TNR slant.  Hopefully this will help people know that there is another option - a humane option - for feral cats other than trap and kill by animal control. 

No tax dollars was used for this project, it was funded by donations made to Alley Cats and Angels. In fact, this project saved the tax payers money by the prison not having animal control come in several times a year and trap and kill cats. 

And for the bird lovers, who say cats are the primary danger to birds.  According to Cornell Lab of Orinthology (birds) "By far the largest threat to birds is loss and/or degradation of habitat due to human development and agriculture. In some regions the loss of habitat is extreme." So for the cat haters that say cats are the primary threat to birds. Open your mind and read about directly from the bird people!

Adoption Update

Three cats/kittens were adopted over the weekend.  Waldo, Sasquatch, and Chessie.  CHESSIE!!!  YAY Chessie!!  Chessie is an adult cat who is just the sweetest big ol' girl but really hated adoption events. 

A very nice couple met her about a month ago when she was in the Petsmart adoption center but was headed on a long vacation.  They checked back in with us when they got back and she was still available.  Paws crossed she gets along well with the resident dog, then all should be ok.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Facebook Contest - Please Help Alley Cats and Angels will $500

Alley Cats and Angels is participating in a contest sponsored by Capital Chrysler Jeep Dodge. The rescue group with the most votes get $500! You can vote once a day. Please go to  Like the page (the first time you visit), then on the left side click on "vote for contest", and then vote for ALLEY CATS AND ANGELS.


If we win, the money will go to our ALTER AN ALLEY CAT SPAY/NEUTER ASSISTANCE PROGRAM. Please spread the word.

Please be patient, the page may take a minute for the page to load once you've selected "vote for contest".
Thank you!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Prison Cats Update

In the summer of 2010, Alley Cats and Angels did a TNR project at a local prison.  We TNR'd 15 cats, took 8 kittens and 1 cat into our adoption program and 4 kittens into our barn cat program. 

On Saturday, the prison called to let us know they were closing down due to state budget cuts (inmates would be parsed out to other prisons), and asked if we would be able to take the four friendly adoptable cats.  There were five, but one inmate who was released took Max the cat with him. 

The last of the inmates would be moved on Tuesday (yesterday, 9/20) and we would need their help getting the cats.  Went to the prison Sunday after adoption events but the cats took one look at me and headed for the hills!  Marie P and I went back on Monday and were able to catch three of the four cats.  Ok, actually, we took traps, food, and other supplies but two of the inmates actually got the cats.  We were asked repeatedly by the few remaining inmates "you're not going to put Bobo to sleep are you", "you won't kill the cats, will you?".  Of course not, they will be safe with us. We explained they will go to the vet and get checked out and get their vaxes updated, etc.  We let them know the feral cats on the other side of the prison outside the gates would stay but that someone would care for them and make sure they are fed and watered (and if any newcomers show up, they will be TNR'd as well),

The relationship of the inmates and the cats was very touching. 

Upset that we didn't get the last cat, but we had to leave for the day because had to get the cats settled and then move cats into the Petsmart adoption center. 

Called Tuesday and Smokey (last cat) was sighted but hadn't been caught yet.  Was going to try to get him tonight after I cleaned at Petsmart and drove in to put food out for the ferals. However, the prison called and said one of the officers could pick up Smokey and put him in the trap we left if we could come get him. Ummm, absolutely!

So all four kitties (Runt, Bobo, Twinkletoes, and Smokey) are now settled in their individual cages.  They are confused, having never been inside except in traps last year before and after surgery.  Each cage is set up like we set up barn cat cages - with a carrier with door tied open to cage for each cat to hide in, litterbox next to it, food and water up front, etc.  Twinkletoes finally came out of laying in the litterbox and moved to the carrier tonight.  Runt is still in the carrier, but I know she was out of her carrier because her toy ball was in her litterbox -- aha, she was playing!!  Bobo is still hiding in the litterbox.

I'm not sure how "friendly adoptable" they are. But I have been able to touch and pet them on the nose. I'm actually trying to leave them alone some so they will eat and drink because they haven't yet.  Poor kitties.

There are about 6-7 feral cats outside the gates at the other end of the prison.  Fortunately, the storage buildings will be staying (they are raised up on cinder blocks) so on Monday, we were able to put two kitten sized litterboxes filled with food out (they hold a lot of food) - one under each shed to keep it out of the elements and then a large container of water also.  Replenished the food tonight and it seems like that was the right amount to leave for the cats and whatever wildlife would get some.  Unfortunately, I live 45 minutes from the prison so it's not optimal for me to feed there several times weekly (at least every other day). 

We reached out to another rescue group - based in that area - and got an email back already from someone that can take on the care of that colony.  They do travel some for work so we're still looking for a backup, but I am very thankful to IAR in Durham for sending out an email to their contatcts in the area and helping us find someone to help with the prison ferals.

Long post, so I'll close for now. I'll keep you updated on the progress of Bobo, Runt, Twinkletoes, and Smokey.  I keep telling them to just eat their food (it's laced with meds) and they won't have to be caged for too awfully long.

As a last note, there were no kittens born at the correctional facility since all the cats were TNR'd last year.  This proves that TNR WORKS.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Adoption Update

Seven cats/kittens were adopted this weekend:  Fozzie Bear (an adult and the last of the Muppet cats [mama to the muppet kittens]), Kimmie, Wednesday and Marsha Brady together, Whisper, Kelly, and Lexington (Lexie adopted by a family who adopted two kittens from us last year).  Congratulations to the kitties on their new homes.  Congratulations to the families that have a wonderful addition to their home, and thank you for opening your heart to a rescue cat from alley Cats and Angels.

Kenzie's adopters came by to visit and to report that she is doing well - even with the grandchildren.  YAY!!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

RIP McLovin'

This extremely emaciated and lonely lost soul was found Saturday by our TNR Task Force Leader, Marie P.  He was found at a local fast food restaurant in a maintained colony.  She saw him and could see he was extremely thin.  She approached him slowly and expected he would start to run but he came towards her and was so friendly. 

I get the call "are you driving?, no? are you sitting down?", expecting her to say there are somewhere a zillion kittens in this small managed colony, I was relieved that it was only one cat (we have no available foster homes right now), of course we take him in. 

Marie set him up in a cage in an empty bedroom (where she typically recovers feral cats after TNR) and started small doses of A/D canned food mixed with NutriCal and water to make a puree so it was easy for him to eat.  Very small doses at a time so he doesn't get sick.  Around midnight, Jill and I headed over to Marie's house to give him some fluids and meet the sweet boy.  He did so great with fluids - sat in a lap the whole time during the 125 cc's of lactated ringers. 

Jill took pictures of him but because he's medium haired, you don't really see really now emaciated he is.  He was nothing but bones and a big ol' head (not neutered). His sides were so sunken in, it was painful to see.  Because he was so loving, Marie P named him McLovin'.  Fit him to a T. 

McLovin' went to the vet this morning for an exam and testing.  The first test of course being an FeLV/FIV test.  I got the dreaded call at 11:02 this morning.  McLovin' is FeLV positive.  After making sure it couldn't be a false positive and discussing it with the vet, it was determined that his very poor health was due to the FeLV and we had to make the hard decision to euthanize him.

Hearts are breaking - only knew him a short time, but fell in love.  It's so sad.   The knowledge that we provided him a soft and safe place to sleep for a few nights/days, gave him lots of love and attention, and filled his tummy with good food eases the pain only slightly.  We are thankful he didn't die alone on the streets and in pain.  We are sad, but we are happy that we got to know this wonderful boy, even if for such a short time. 

We love you McLovin'. RIP and run free sweet boy. 

Attention followers....

And ones that I follow..  Having problems posting comments on some of the blogs we follow (Random Felines, Admiral Hestorb, etc).  It started about a month ago and I haven't figured out the issue  yet.  I'm still following and reading but have been unable to comment.   I miss being able to comment on your blogs.  But I'm still able to comment on some blogs (Animal Shelter Life Volunteer), so I'm stumped.  Anyone have any ideas?

Adoption program update

Eight adoptions this weekend:  Lambchop,  Pikachu, Popsicle, Orangesicle, Pugsley Addams and Morticia Addams (together), Greg Brady, and Raichu were all adopted this weekend.

We also have one adoption pending neuter, rabies, and rest of vetting (few weeks away).  Sasquatch is the pending adoption.  After Saturday's adoptoin event, the family that adopted Popsicle went to the foster home and met Sasquatch and fell in love.

A very good weekend for the kitties. Congratulations to the newest members of the Alley Cats and Angels alumni!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

We love our adopters....

It makes us feel really great when people are so happy with the cats they adopted from us that they drive in from Wilson to adopt a third cat from us (the first two were adopted months apart). And when they say "we are always telling everyone to adopt from you because you all take care of the cats so well. It amazing what you all can do", it makes us feel even better!

Thank you so much for your confidence in Alley Cats and Angels. And congratulations on your new addition!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

New Alley Cats and Angels Website!

Check out Alley Cats and Angels newly designed webpage - this is our 'soft launch' so please let us know if you have suggestions or find anything we've missed.

Thanks so much to Maria Brown, Ronald Murphy, Eugene Cheung, and Jill Walters for all their hard work!!

Not only do we have a new look, but we have a lot of new and improved content. 

Monday, September 5, 2011

Adoption Update

Five cats and kittens were adopted this weekend (Saturday/Sunday).  Pretty good for a holiday weekend!  The following were adopted: Creamsicle, Gomez, Malibu, Cindy Brady, and Kenzie. 

A wonderful couple came and met Kenzie on Saturday and she was not on her best behavior at all (which is why she hasn't been adopted yet, she's a beautiful and sweet Maine Coon mix but doesn't "show well" at adoption events.  I thought that would be it because she really was naughty to the people.  But they came back Sunday and want to give her a chance.  I think she's a good fit for them - as long as she'll be a good girl when the grand children come over for their weekly visit.  Fingers crossed that she'll be as good as she acts in her foster home.

Congratulations to the kitties adopted this weekend and to their new families.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

2011 Cash Raffle Winners Announced

Congratulations to our 2011 Cash Prize Raffle Winners:
  • $500 First Prize: Maria Brown
  • $250 Second Prize: Pam Long
  • $100 Third Prize: Joe Walker

Thank you everyone for supporting the cats and purchasing raffle tickets. The proceeds are going to our medical fund as we've taken in a lot of hard cases this year. We are so grateful for everyone's support. Thank you.
And an extra thank you to our first prize winner, Maria, who has donated her winnings back to the rescue.