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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Prison cat project story is in the News & Observer

I would like to thank the writer, Brooke Cain, for diligently working to get all the facts and also writing an article with a positive TNR slant.  Hopefully this will help people know that there is another option - a humane option - for feral cats other than trap and kill by animal control. 

No tax dollars was used for this project, it was funded by donations made to Alley Cats and Angels. In fact, this project saved the tax payers money by the prison not having animal control come in several times a year and trap and kill cats. 

And for the bird lovers, who say cats are the primary danger to birds.  According to Cornell Lab of Orinthology (birds) "By far the largest threat to birds is loss and/or degradation of habitat due to human development and agriculture. In some regions the loss of habitat is extreme." So for the cat haters that say cats are the primary threat to birds. Open your mind and read about directly from the bird people!


Admiral Hestorb said...

I get their booklet and I'm a member, speaking as Admiral's mommy and you're right. But preaching to the choir. :-)))

Love Charlotte and the Observer. My boy always brings me the latest Observer when he comes home here to TN.

Random Felines said...

Great article - well written!!! We are so glad someone is getting the GOOD NEWS of TNR out there....

meowmeowmans said...

LOVE the article! Hooray for TNR! Thank you for your continued work with feral and homeless cats. :)