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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Miracle Update

Miracle is fast approaching 2 pounds - as of today, she was only 1.5 ounces shy of 2 pounds. But the even bigger news is that Miracle is now bright eyed and bushy tailed like a healthy kitten. No more looking at her and thinking "oh my, she's got a long way to go". She will also be small for her age but she looks healthy.

And, drumroll, she's playing like a healthy kitten! She's playing with itty bitty fuzzy toys and she's playing with bell balls. And she's trying to pounce on the toys when her leg cooperates. THIS IS HUGE.

Elizabeth Ruffing will be coming over this week to get pictures of the W kittens and Miracle and we'll post those as soon as they are available.


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Last week for rafle tickets - please help us help the cats

There is only one week until the raffle. If would like to buy tickets, please email us. If you're selling tickets, please do a final push to sell any tickets you have left. Also, if you think you can sell more and need tickets, please let us know - we have some left and can get to you ASAP (Sunday/Monday). The prizes are money and who couldn't use some more money!! Read more abou the raffle:

Our medical expenses this year have been extraordinarily high. We have had many expensive surgeries, in addition to almost triple the number of kittens that were so sick upon intake and have required continued medical care to get them healthy. Our bank account has been extremely hard hit and we really need to sell all the raffle tickets.

One of our supporters emailed us this week and said "I've been brought to tears so many times lately with the stories of all you're doing to save all these precious kitty lives... no matter the cost, you always give them the best new beginning so they can live happily ever after." This is very much true, we do everything we can for the cats we can save and that care is expensive. We are a smaller rescue group with a limited number of volunteers, but we rescue on a big level -- the number of cats we save each year is astonishing. Therefore, I implore you to please push out of your comfort zone if you're not comfortable asking people to buy tickets and please work hard to sell those tickets because the cats need you.

Below are just a few of the medical cases from this year.

Thank you.

Tia Hagnas
Founder and President

Light Willow (aka "pretty little amputee kitty")

 Miracle, a "work in progress".  Extremely small and underweight for her age due to malnutirtion (she's less than half the size and weight she should be).  She is steadily gaining weight but requiring ongoing medical care for her health and her front leg.

Siren, sweet kitten with cerebeller hypoplasia.  So tiny right now and requiring ongoing medical care 

Casanova, one of three cats requiring eye enucleation (removal) surgery this year

Adoption Update

Three adoptions this week.  Martini was adopted Thursday and two of the Fine Wine Kittens, Pinot and Reisling, were adopted together today.

That calls for a celebration.  So, how do we celebrate - martini or wine?!!  Or catnip for the kitties?  Well, I think the latter is the winner.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Adoption Update

It was a pretty good adoption weekend.  Six kittens were adopted this weekend: two of the Brady Bunch kittens were adopted (Bobby Brady and Jan Brady), the last three Stargate kittens were adopted (Adria, Sha're, and Teal'c), and Lucky Charm was adopted.  You may remember Lucky Charm as "itty bitty spitty kitty from Spring Hope" - the most feral little 6-week old kitten.  Well, she definitely blossomed into a wonderful little girl.  So sweet and loving. 

Congratulations to the kitties on their new homes.  And congratulations to the families who adopted them. Thank you for opening your hearts and homes to our wonderful rescue kitties.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Adoption Update

It was a slower adoption weekend, but three kittens were adopted this weekend:  Tweety, Mojito, and Vala.

And while we're at Petsmart doing the adoption event, one of the managers from Staples office supply came wheeling in a Staples shopping cart with a little kitten in it  asking if we had misplaced a kitten (um, no...).  Apparently this little guy pressed the "Easy" button on how to find a new home and walked right in the front door of the Staples store (Brooke, I stole your joke!).

He so hungry that when we put food in front of him, he almost dive-bombed the bowl. We did scan him to see if he was chipped...nope. He's very friendly and appears to be between 8 and 10 weeks old. Clearly he's been with people but we can't imagine how he got to be in the middle of a very congested shopping area on a very big and busy street unless he was just dropped off there by someone. Possibly he hitched himself a ride on a vehicle?

We wanted to name him Staples, but his new foster mom vetoed that and named him Marco Polo because he's a smart little adventurer.  We like that name too!  He was FeLV/FIV tested last night and he is negative.  YAY!

 In the picture above, he's giving himself a bath after he had just been given a bath by foster mom.  :-)

New pictures of Siren, our Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH) kitten

Isn't she beautiful?  

Siren (est. DOB June 23, 2011) is such a sweet and beautiful girl - we know someone won't let Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH) shy them adopting her.   CH is a disorder found in cats and dogs in which the cerebellum is not completely mature at birth. The disorder causes jerky movements, tremors and generally uncoordinated motion. The animal often falls down and has trouble walking. Tremors increase when the animal is excited and subside when at ease. Although kittens affected with CH lead an otherwise normal life and have the same life expectancy as a cat without the condition, many shelters euthanize these tiny angels.  But she’s safe with us.

Pretty little amputee kitty

Meet our new pretty little amputee kitty. We found out about her last weekend and we trapped on Sunday and then Marie and team trapped Monday and Tuesday until this little princess was trapped. Her back leg was badly deformed and her foot...was turned almost 180 degrees and was pointing in the wrong direction. She went to the vet and had her back leg amputated on Thursday. She is not feral and is very sweet. Dr. Jon said the leg was a congenital birth defect.

Nothing pitiful about this girl -- look how happy she is now that she's had surgery and doesn't have all that "dead weight" to carry around.  We hope that she was not in pain all 14 weeks of her life, but if she was, she's not now.  And she's safe now.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Miracle Update

Miracle has been shunning canned kitten food in favor of Royal Canin Baby Kat 34 so we've been doing supplemental syringe feedings a minimum of 5 times daily with KMR mixed with kitten nutrical and just a bit of canned food.  Shake that concoction in a cocktail shaker and and pour it out through the strainer and it's perfect for syringe feeding -- might as well put that cocktail shaker to good use! 

Well, today, she decided the canned kitten food wasn't so bad and ate a little on her own.  She's still eating food out of shallow canned food covers but she's drinking water from a very shallow dish and doing well.

She's starting to "peep" every now and then so I think she's feeling somewhat better.  I bet killing off those intestinal parasites and ear mites is also making her feel better.

Her weights:
  • Tuesday: 14.8 ounces
  • Wednesday: 14.8 ounces
  • Thursday: 15.3 ounces
  • Friday: 16.3 ounces (YAY!!!! over one pound now!!)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Injured feral update

Marie and Nicole went out both Monday night and tonight to catch the injured kitten and finally caught him tonight under the drop trap -- which was tricky because the racoons were out in full force tonight.  Poor kitten is about 10 weeks old maybe and it certainly looks like his back leg is broken.  He'll be going to the vet tomorrow (well, later today).  We don't know if he'll need a cast or amputation, but they will take good care of him and then we'll continue his care.  He'll most likely become a new long term resident (aka "lifer") of Alley Cats and Angels.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Meet Siren and Sasquatch

These two little ones came from a mobile home park where our TNR Task Force Leader, Marie, has been trapping.  Sasquatch was named such becuase he has a big head, lots of fur, and huge feet - he's polydactyl.

Siren has had the shakes and has a neurological issue.  Siren was diagnosed with Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH) today. Apparently her mama came in contact with feline distemper while she was in utero. It is not contagious, merely a congenital defect that she seems to have adjusted to. Her motor skills are affected and she does have some visible shaking...but she purrs, plays and is otherwise a happy girl.  She'll need a home that is willing to make a few modifications to keep her safe.  Sasquatch shows no signs of having CH.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Meet a little Miracle

As I posted earlier, Alley Cats and Angels responded to a request for help on Friday, 8/6, and took in 6 cats. A mama and her four 3.5-4 month old babies, and one little one who was temporarily named itty bitty pitiful kitty.  

This little one was one of the most pitiful kittens we've rescued in a long time. Close to 9 weeks old (confirmed by vet today), this little one is the size and weight of a 4.5 week old kitten. She was originally "rescued" over a month ago by a well meaning person after she saw some young boys abusing it. Unfortunately she did not have money to buy kitten replacement milk and the things a growing kitten needs. This little one was fed only condensed milk and hadn't grown in at least 3 weeks when we took her in.  

This little one is an angel, and at her age, she should be chasing little play mice and balls with bells in them. However, she doesn’t have the energy for that – she sleeps with her teddy bear and hobbles out of bed to take a couple bites of food at one time or go potty.  

This little girl is a real fighter, a survivor, and she's a miracle – so we have named her Miracle. She is way too small for her age, she's underweight (currently weighs less than 1 pound) and her body is in poor condition – she’s very thin, despite her potbelly - which is most likely due to parasites. She tested negative for both FeLV and FIV - yay! And she's currently on medication for intestinal parasites and ear mites. She is weak and has muscle atrophy on her right front leg; she does not use that leg well at all. The vet has recommended we monitor her leg carefully and the worst case scenario, it may have to be amputated in the future. 

Despite being so thin, weak, and not being able to use her right front leg, she gets in and out of her tiny litterbox and gets up to eat. What a trooper.

She's so small that we put her food and water in the plastic tops that go on open cans of cat food - beause they are so shallow.  She prefers Royal Canin Baby Kate dry to canned food/formula mix, but we'll do supplemental feedings with the canned food to make sure she gains weight. Dr. Jodi wants us to weigh Miracle every day to make sure she's gaining weight and will go into Dr. Jodi Reed at Harmony Animal Hospital on a regular basis for follow-up.  

One look at Miracle and she will steal your heart and break your heart at the same time. She has a long road ahead of her until she's a healthy girl but she's in very good hands with us.

Please keep Miracle in your thoughts and wish her lots of good health. She really is much tinier than she looks in her picture.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Adoption Update

Well, it wasn't the 18 adopted last weekend, but we are quite happy with the five (5) adoptions we had this weekend.  Tasslehoff, Ash, Zen, Mercedes, and Zonks were adopted this weekend.

Of course we had intakes!

We took in two (2) kittens Wednesday.   And took in six (6) Friday.  The little one from Friday is a fighter.  He's quite pitiful though - actually he's more than just pitiful and he has stolen my heart.  I really hope his bloodwork and such turns out ok.  The other four kittens (approximately 4 months old) and the mama, while thin are not emaciated and are super friendly.  Flea, ear mite, and intestinal parasite treatment has already commenced and full medical will be started soon.

Yesterday, we had two (2) intakes.  A sweet but EXTREMELY vocal kitten about 7 weeks old and then a little one maybe 4 weeks old was brought to us after it was found by someone who said he almost drown in a big puddle from the storm.  He's a fat little porker so he was nursing on a mama cat.  He's not big on the bottle and doesn't go for formula on a saucer yet so we're syringe feeding.  So much for going into the office to work at the paying job tomorrow - I'll be working from home again.  So glad I have that flexibility.  But this little guy is so lonely.  I have him in the living room with me in a smaller cage with a heating pad and some stuffed animals but I need to go out and buy another sound machine that has the heartbeat selection or see if I can find an old fashioned wind-up alarm clock becaue that will at least simulate mama's heart beat.

The person that brought the little bitty one into Petsmart yesterday came back today to give us very detailed information on the feral cat where she works that she feeds.  Marie P and I went out to trap tonight because there is one female thought to be pregnant and one older kitten that may possibly have a broken leg.  It was hot as hades and the mosquitos were loving me and ignoring Marie (perhaps I'm sweeter?  bwahahaha!!!).  Caught one adult, possibly the pregnant female.  Stayed for quite a while but did not see the hurt kitten so will keep going back.  We did see one kitten but he's a little too old to tame with our limited resources but not quite old enough to TNR so we'll be getting him/her in a couple of weeks.  They are at a business but it's a lovely location with lots of grass and trees and a huge pond.  The lady that brought us the kitten yesterday feeds and we'll also show her how to trap so she can help us trap at that colony.  The hurt kitten, once caught, if too old to tame, will be vetted and then we'll find someone in our rescue to keep him (with either Marie or me being the main "suckers").  If he does have a broken leg, that is treatable and we do not euthanize for treatable - however, he would be inside too long during treatment and recovery to safely be returned to his colony without a relocation confinement.

In barn cat news, we relocated three barn cats today to one barn home.  And it was a close drive too!  YAY!!! 

Friday, August 5, 2011

New rescues

Just got a little kitten settled in that someone "rescued" 8 weeks ago. Her friend said the kitten hadn't grown in over 3 weeks because of malnutrition. He looks like he's 5 weeks old. I'm feeding the little one malnourished canned food, KMR, and nutrical right now.

The other kittens we took in are older and are malnourished also but not as bad. Fleas and ear mites galore (I'm working on that in a few minutes).

Vet visit will be lined up ASAP.  And I'll work to get pictures.

Remember this baby?

Mother's Day 2011 TNR project in Spring Hope - took in three kittens, including "itty bitty spitty kitty".  Had to wear heavy gloves with spitty kitty even though she was only about 6 weeks old.  She was wilder than a March hare and wanted to rip my face off.  Well, this little lady is now a total lovebug.  And she purrs non-stop!  She and her sister were wedged between a fence and some wood back in a pen where a lot of snakes were rumored to be.  They were both quick sick.  We named itty bitty spitty kitty Lucky Charm because she's lucky we found her  - she most likely would have not survived without medical treatment.  Lucky Charm has been seen by a specialist at Animal Eye Care and she has an issue with her tear duct and will probably always have a slightly weepy eye.  The doctor said there is nothing that needs to be done and she is fine. 

 Itty Bitty Spitty Kitty on Mother's Day 2011

Super sweet Lucky Charm today

Trix today

The "healthy" kitten taken in that day, Captain Crunch, didn't make it.  He was "healthy" or so we thought when he was rescued but he ate from the dishes the adults ate from and died from salmonella.  Not something the vet would have found when they all went to the vet the next day. We've talked to the caregiver about being sure he washes the cats dishes.  Of the five older kittens (6 + weeks) taken from that colony, three died from salmonella.  A situation that could have been avoided with proper cleaning of cat dishes.  So sad.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Help Save a Life - Foster!

Can you help save a life by fostering?

We are in desperate need of foster homes so we can take in EIGHT 4-5 month old kittens. We are spaying mama cat through our Alter an Alley Cat program but the owner of the mama cat is struggling and the cats are living only on very meager table scraps each day.

We need foster homes please! We can split them up into much smaller groups.  Alley Cats and Angels takes care of all medical expenses and these cats will be vetted as quickly as we take them in as possible.