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Monday, August 8, 2011

Meet a little Miracle

As I posted earlier, Alley Cats and Angels responded to a request for help on Friday, 8/6, and took in 6 cats. A mama and her four 3.5-4 month old babies, and one little one who was temporarily named itty bitty pitiful kitty.  

This little one was one of the most pitiful kittens we've rescued in a long time. Close to 9 weeks old (confirmed by vet today), this little one is the size and weight of a 4.5 week old kitten. She was originally "rescued" over a month ago by a well meaning person after she saw some young boys abusing it. Unfortunately she did not have money to buy kitten replacement milk and the things a growing kitten needs. This little one was fed only condensed milk and hadn't grown in at least 3 weeks when we took her in.  

This little one is an angel, and at her age, she should be chasing little play mice and balls with bells in them. However, she doesn’t have the energy for that – she sleeps with her teddy bear and hobbles out of bed to take a couple bites of food at one time or go potty.  

This little girl is a real fighter, a survivor, and she's a miracle – so we have named her Miracle. She is way too small for her age, she's underweight (currently weighs less than 1 pound) and her body is in poor condition – she’s very thin, despite her potbelly - which is most likely due to parasites. She tested negative for both FeLV and FIV - yay! And she's currently on medication for intestinal parasites and ear mites. She is weak and has muscle atrophy on her right front leg; she does not use that leg well at all. The vet has recommended we monitor her leg carefully and the worst case scenario, it may have to be amputated in the future. 

Despite being so thin, weak, and not being able to use her right front leg, she gets in and out of her tiny litterbox and gets up to eat. What a trooper.

She's so small that we put her food and water in the plastic tops that go on open cans of cat food - beause they are so shallow.  She prefers Royal Canin Baby Kate dry to canned food/formula mix, but we'll do supplemental feedings with the canned food to make sure she gains weight. Dr. Jodi wants us to weigh Miracle every day to make sure she's gaining weight and will go into Dr. Jodi Reed at Harmony Animal Hospital on a regular basis for follow-up.  

One look at Miracle and she will steal your heart and break your heart at the same time. She has a long road ahead of her until she's a healthy girl but she's in very good hands with us.

Please keep Miracle in your thoughts and wish her lots of good health. She really is much tinier than she looks in her picture.

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Random Felines said...

Poor baby. It still amazes us that people think they are helping and do more harm. How hard is it to pick up and phone and ask for some help (or just advice)? sigh.... We will be purrin for Miracle!