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Friday, August 12, 2011

Miracle Update

Miracle has been shunning canned kitten food in favor of Royal Canin Baby Kat 34 so we've been doing supplemental syringe feedings a minimum of 5 times daily with KMR mixed with kitten nutrical and just a bit of canned food.  Shake that concoction in a cocktail shaker and and pour it out through the strainer and it's perfect for syringe feeding -- might as well put that cocktail shaker to good use! 

Well, today, she decided the canned kitten food wasn't so bad and ate a little on her own.  She's still eating food out of shallow canned food covers but she's drinking water from a very shallow dish and doing well.

She's starting to "peep" every now and then so I think she's feeling somewhat better.  I bet killing off those intestinal parasites and ear mites is also making her feel better.

Her weights:
  • Tuesday: 14.8 ounces
  • Wednesday: 14.8 ounces
  • Thursday: 15.3 ounces
  • Friday: 16.3 ounces (YAY!!!! over one pound now!!)


Random Felines said...

OMC - the very image of shaking a mix of kitten food in a cocktail shaker cracks mom up!!!! We are very glad miss Miracle is doing well - we know she is in good hands!

meowmeowmans said...

That's a GREAT use for a cocktail shaker! MOL!

We're glad little Miracle is doing well and growing. You go, girl! :)