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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Last week for rafle tickets - please help us help the cats

There is only one week until the raffle. If would like to buy tickets, please email us. If you're selling tickets, please do a final push to sell any tickets you have left. Also, if you think you can sell more and need tickets, please let us know - we have some left and can get to you ASAP (Sunday/Monday). The prizes are money and who couldn't use some more money!! Read more abou the raffle:

Our medical expenses this year have been extraordinarily high. We have had many expensive surgeries, in addition to almost triple the number of kittens that were so sick upon intake and have required continued medical care to get them healthy. Our bank account has been extremely hard hit and we really need to sell all the raffle tickets.

One of our supporters emailed us this week and said "I've been brought to tears so many times lately with the stories of all you're doing to save all these precious kitty lives... no matter the cost, you always give them the best new beginning so they can live happily ever after." This is very much true, we do everything we can for the cats we can save and that care is expensive. We are a smaller rescue group with a limited number of volunteers, but we rescue on a big level -- the number of cats we save each year is astonishing. Therefore, I implore you to please push out of your comfort zone if you're not comfortable asking people to buy tickets and please work hard to sell those tickets because the cats need you.

Below are just a few of the medical cases from this year.

Thank you.

Tia Hagnas
Founder and President

Light Willow (aka "pretty little amputee kitty")

 Miracle, a "work in progress".  Extremely small and underweight for her age due to malnutirtion (she's less than half the size and weight she should be).  She is steadily gaining weight but requiring ongoing medical care for her health and her front leg.

Siren, sweet kitten with cerebeller hypoplasia.  So tiny right now and requiring ongoing medical care 

Casanova, one of three cats requiring eye enucleation (removal) surgery this year

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