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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Adoption Update

Well, it wasn't the 18 adopted last weekend, but we are quite happy with the five (5) adoptions we had this weekend.  Tasslehoff, Ash, Zen, Mercedes, and Zonks were adopted this weekend.

Of course we had intakes!

We took in two (2) kittens Wednesday.   And took in six (6) Friday.  The little one from Friday is a fighter.  He's quite pitiful though - actually he's more than just pitiful and he has stolen my heart.  I really hope his bloodwork and such turns out ok.  The other four kittens (approximately 4 months old) and the mama, while thin are not emaciated and are super friendly.  Flea, ear mite, and intestinal parasite treatment has already commenced and full medical will be started soon.

Yesterday, we had two (2) intakes.  A sweet but EXTREMELY vocal kitten about 7 weeks old and then a little one maybe 4 weeks old was brought to us after it was found by someone who said he almost drown in a big puddle from the storm.  He's a fat little porker so he was nursing on a mama cat.  He's not big on the bottle and doesn't go for formula on a saucer yet so we're syringe feeding.  So much for going into the office to work at the paying job tomorrow - I'll be working from home again.  So glad I have that flexibility.  But this little guy is so lonely.  I have him in the living room with me in a smaller cage with a heating pad and some stuffed animals but I need to go out and buy another sound machine that has the heartbeat selection or see if I can find an old fashioned wind-up alarm clock becaue that will at least simulate mama's heart beat.

The person that brought the little bitty one into Petsmart yesterday came back today to give us very detailed information on the feral cat where she works that she feeds.  Marie P and I went out to trap tonight because there is one female thought to be pregnant and one older kitten that may possibly have a broken leg.  It was hot as hades and the mosquitos were loving me and ignoring Marie (perhaps I'm sweeter?  bwahahaha!!!).  Caught one adult, possibly the pregnant female.  Stayed for quite a while but did not see the hurt kitten so will keep going back.  We did see one kitten but he's a little too old to tame with our limited resources but not quite old enough to TNR so we'll be getting him/her in a couple of weeks.  They are at a business but it's a lovely location with lots of grass and trees and a huge pond.  The lady that brought us the kitten yesterday feeds and we'll also show her how to trap so she can help us trap at that colony.  The hurt kitten, once caught, if too old to tame, will be vetted and then we'll find someone in our rescue to keep him (with either Marie or me being the main "suckers").  If he does have a broken leg, that is treatable and we do not euthanize for treatable - however, he would be inside too long during treatment and recovery to safely be returned to his colony without a relocation confinement.

In barn cat news, we relocated three barn cats today to one barn home.  And it was a close drive too!  YAY!!! 

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meowmeowmans said...

Five adoptions in one weekend (and three barn cat relocations, too) is pretty darned awesome, so we are doing the happy dance here. :)

We're purring and praying for all those new intakes, and all that needs to be done medically and such. You guys are just terrific, and we appreciate everything you do for these babies.

Happy World Cat Day, friends.