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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Injured feral update

Marie and Nicole went out both Monday night and tonight to catch the injured kitten and finally caught him tonight under the drop trap -- which was tricky because the racoons were out in full force tonight.  Poor kitten is about 10 weeks old maybe and it certainly looks like his back leg is broken.  He'll be going to the vet tomorrow (well, later today).  We don't know if he'll need a cast or amputation, but they will take good care of him and then we'll continue his care.  He'll most likely become a new long term resident (aka "lifer") of Alley Cats and Angels.

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Random Felines said...

Poor baby....hopefully you can "reform" him since he is so young. At least he will be a captive audience while you work with him. Wish we lived closer - mom has a soft heart for those hissy kittens. :)