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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Strawberry Festival

Thanks for everyone who came out to the Cleveland Strawberry Festival today. Especially those who made donations and purchases. 
Hope everyone had a good time!
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Cards by CardCropShop

Key Lime Pie kitten at play

Have you seen the adorable Key Lime Pie?

Friday, April 27, 2012

Strawberry Festival Time!

9-4 Tomorrow, The Cleveland Strawberry Festival in Clayton

Arts! Crafts! Potentially a bouncy house!

Also - catnip toys and painting by the cats! 

Come out and see the kitty creations- for a $25 donation you can have one of your very own Pablo Purr-Caso paintings to take home.

Whooo, I love those Hug Me Slugs and Alley Cat Angels - you will too. 

Catnip knots - 5 for $3
Look how professional they are! Fancy Schmancy, you could even give them as gifts. In fact, you should. Buy half a dozen, give them to your friends.

Would you like some Pie? Knightdale Adoption Event

PetSmart Knightdale 

Highway 64 Business near 540)
Saturday and Sunday, April 28th and 29th
1:00 PM to 4:00 PM


Come out and meet the kitties!

Key Lime Pie

 Pumpkin Pie

Pecan Pie

Huckleberry Pie

 Also available will be Minnow, Poppy and Tootsie!

Morrisville PetSmart Adoption Weekend

Petsmart Morrisville (corner of Cary Parkway and Highway 54)
Saturday and Sunday, April 28 and 29
1:00 PM to 4:00 PM


Darling Diva would like to be the only cat in your life, but if you have small children, that's even better. She likes kids! Diva is a curious explorer who will investigate everything. 

*As a Lonely Hearts Club Member, Diva's adoption fee is only $50*


Come on out and meet Lizzie. She's a member of our Lonely Hearts Club. Lizzie's been with us for a while - that tends to happen when adult cats are surrounded by heartbreakingly cute teeny baby kittens. But this Calico Belle has excellent manners and even comes when she is called! Come on by and give her a scratch behind the ears, she loves it!

*As a Lonely Hearts Club Member, Lizzie's adoption fee is only $50*

Have you met Harmony? Her sisters have been adopted, but as you can see, poor Harmony doesn't like adoption events. This puts her at a disadvantage when she's surrounded by outgoing kitties. She's a sweet, shy thing who likes other kitties and purrs like mad when she's being cuddled by someone she's used to.

Have you ever seen such a looooooong tail? Sleek and shiny Sterling came to us for medical needs, and he's still got a slight limp from a badly broken leg. He's a real morning kitty who likes to rise and shine, but then crashes for afternoon naps on the couch.

Please come out and meet these friendly felines who want to be your new family members.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Adoption Update

Late on posting adoptions.  But the following cats/kittens were adopted last weekend and this weekend: Rory and Penguin together, Zen, and Hercules.  Cheddar was adopted this weekend. 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Adoption Events this Weekend

Saturday and Sunday, April 21st and 22nd
Raleigh PetSmart, on Capital Blvd
Come visit the kitties and see which one you want to take home. Because you want to take one, or maybe even two!
How about this orange all over fuzzball, Cheddar

Have you ever seen a more Cheshire Cat grin? Let me blow that up for you. He could be all yours tomorrow!
 Perhaps you'd like to adopt this gorgeous Poppy? Doesn't she look like a piece of candy? A nice orange swirled taffy perhaps. Unlike her flowery namesake, this Poppy doesn't like to sit still but is always on the go!

Maybe meeping Minnow with her cute, tiny voice is more your style? Look into her eyes and tell her you don't love her already.
 These aren't all the kitties that will be waiting for you tomorrow at PetSmart.

If the cat you want isn't at the event tomorrow, stop by, talk to our volunteers, pick up some information and keep in touch. Follow us on Facebook to keep up with the available cats and kittens. It's kitten season and there's a whole new crop waiting in the wings to make their debut.

Friday, April 20, 2012


Sorry that I've been MIA.  Our intake/foster and medical coordinator has been out of town for business and we're juggling the best we can but it leaves very little time! 

Thanks to Alexis for posting about adoption center cleaners and the Strawberry Festival. 

I'll be back in action soon!

Strawberry Festival time!

 Come on out to the Cleveland Strawberry Festival next weekend in Clayton to check out the catnip toys, catnip bubbles and one of a kind works of art inspired by or even created by our very own kitties!

Of course there's other stuff to do at the Strawberry Festival too - family fun, inflatables (I think they mean a bouncy house!!) lots and lots of food vendors, arts & crafts, and live entertainment.

A clean kitty is a happy kitty!

We need you, our volunteers, to help out with cleaning the adoption centers. Now that we have cats in three PetSmart Adoption Centers regularly, there's not only additional needs, but opportunities to earn a little reward

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Holiday weekend adoption update!

Wow, what a weekend!  Thought it might be slow because it's an adoption weekend but that was not the case.  Six cats/kittens were adopted this weekend.  Of those six, four were adults and 2 were kittens 6 months old.  The following were adopted:

  • Peanut Butter and Jelly together (siblings, 6 months old)
  • Marigold (2 years old)
  • Peaches (1 year old) and Cognac (2 years old) together
  • Julius (3 years old)
Super excited about Julius being adopted as he is harder to adopt out because he cannot be with other cats.  He's a bit of a scaredy cat because he was bullied by other kitties so now he preemptively bullies cats before they can bully him.  He will be the only pet and he will be so happy.  So what a super fantastic weekend!  

In other news, we received a call today from someone that found kittens in the local Walmart parking lot and wanted to see if we could help.  Now, someone didn't put these kittens in a basket by the front door of the store.  No, whoever left the kittens, put them in a basket inside a shopping basket in the parking lot.  We are so thankful we were able to get them.  They were tested today (FeLV/FIV/Heartworms) and their medical started. They are in good hands and we will take great care of them.  Check out their pictures on our Kitten Alley Facebook page (album:

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Madrid is SAFE!

His adopter had just moved over the weekend and Madrid door darted.  She had been searching for him but in the stress of the move and kitty getting out, she didn't contact us.  She's picked him up and he is safe (and she'll update her info with us and Home Again).

Madrid was saved because he was microchipped.  I'm so thankful we use Home Again microchips and registration/recovery database.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Madrid needs a rescue -UPDATED

Madrid is safe. Spoke with his adopter, she just moved over the weekend and he door darted yesterday, she has been looking for him but in the stress of the move and him getting out, she didn't remember to contact us. She's on the way to get him and will also update her info with us. Home Again Microchip saved the day!

One of our previously adopted kitties, Madrid, is in urgent need of rescue. He's a little older than this picture now, about a year old. He was adopted in Raleigh a while back but just turned up today in the Catawba County Animal Shelter in Newton NC (near Hickory.)

His adopter can't be reached and the shelter called us from his microchip registration. It's a high kill shelter and we need to get him out of there by Wednesday or he'll be put down.

If someone can pull him from the shelter, we can help get him a ride or several short rides home over the next few days.

Either his adopter is on vacation and doesn't know he's gone or sadly we didn't do well by him because his adopter did not report him missing.  Thankfully we microchip.  With all of our volunteers having full-time jobs and not being able to get time off on such short notice to pull Madrid, we need help from our fellow rescuers who are in the area.  Please, help us help Madrid!

You may have also seen Madrid in his brief dramatic role as a convict  on the Consumerist blog.

Adoption Update

Seven cats/kittens were adopted last week.  The following were adopted: Mickey and Donna (together), Amy and Rose (together), Baldwin, Rio (!!), Tiger Lily (!!!!)

The reasons for the exclamation points?  Well, Rio is a very handsome and very sweet boy but he does not behave himself at adoption events and can be a real brat at times.  And even with all the "kicking and screaming" he did while his microchip was being scanned and his claws were being trimmed (seriously - half the store could hear him and came to see if he was ok), his adopters still wanted him.   And Tiger Lily doesn't like other cats and hates dogs so her pool of potential adopters was pretty small.  A family came by and the husband was clearly smitten with Tiger Lily (they were deciding between two cats) and Tiger Lily was clearly enamored with the husband.  They have a young daughter but that shouldn't be an issue because Tiger Lily is very sweet - just not when other four-legged animals are around!