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Monday, April 2, 2012

Adoption Update

Seven cats/kittens were adopted last week.  The following were adopted: Mickey and Donna (together), Amy and Rose (together), Baldwin, Rio (!!), Tiger Lily (!!!!)

The reasons for the exclamation points?  Well, Rio is a very handsome and very sweet boy but he does not behave himself at adoption events and can be a real brat at times.  And even with all the "kicking and screaming" he did while his microchip was being scanned and his claws were being trimmed (seriously - half the store could hear him and came to see if he was ok), his adopters still wanted him.   And Tiger Lily doesn't like other cats and hates dogs so her pool of potential adopters was pretty small.  A family came by and the husband was clearly smitten with Tiger Lily (they were deciding between two cats) and Tiger Lily was clearly enamored with the husband.  They have a young daughter but that shouldn't be an issue because Tiger Lily is very sweet - just not when other four-legged animals are around!


Random Felines said...

awwww - all adoptions are awesome, but the special ones are even better!!!

Katie Isabella said...

I agree with Random Felines..when the special babies are adopted I rejoice even more. xoxoxox

Strayer said...

That's a fantastic job, to get that many homes!