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Friday, April 27, 2012

Morrisville PetSmart Adoption Weekend

Petsmart Morrisville (corner of Cary Parkway and Highway 54)
Saturday and Sunday, April 28 and 29
1:00 PM to 4:00 PM


Darling Diva would like to be the only cat in your life, but if you have small children, that's even better. She likes kids! Diva is a curious explorer who will investigate everything. 

*As a Lonely Hearts Club Member, Diva's adoption fee is only $50*


Come on out and meet Lizzie. She's a member of our Lonely Hearts Club. Lizzie's been with us for a while - that tends to happen when adult cats are surrounded by heartbreakingly cute teeny baby kittens. But this Calico Belle has excellent manners and even comes when she is called! Come on by and give her a scratch behind the ears, she loves it!

*As a Lonely Hearts Club Member, Lizzie's adoption fee is only $50*

Have you met Harmony? Her sisters have been adopted, but as you can see, poor Harmony doesn't like adoption events. This puts her at a disadvantage when she's surrounded by outgoing kitties. She's a sweet, shy thing who likes other kitties and purrs like mad when she's being cuddled by someone she's used to.

Have you ever seen such a looooooong tail? Sleek and shiny Sterling came to us for medical needs, and he's still got a slight limp from a badly broken leg. He's a real morning kitty who likes to rise and shine, but then crashes for afternoon naps on the couch.

Please come out and meet these friendly felines who want to be your new family members.

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