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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Madrid is SAFE!

His adopter had just moved over the weekend and Madrid door darted.  She had been searching for him but in the stress of the move and kitty getting out, she didn't contact us.  She's picked him up and he is safe (and she'll update her info with us and Home Again).

Madrid was saved because he was microchipped.  I'm so thankful we use Home Again microchips and registration/recovery database.


Random Felines said...

YEAH!! we are glad he is safe - and once again - chip those cats!!!

meowmeowmans said...

Awesome! We're so glad Madrid is safe and home where he belongs. Please, please, please microchip your pets, everyone. :)

Katie Isabella said...

Thank heavens! Even after 2 minths, I decided I wanted to go outside one day but it was Mom's fault for holding the door open. I didn't get far, my human brother reached down fast and blocked me with his hand thank goodness. Mom and I both would have had cardiac arrest.

Marg said...

Yay, so glad that Madrid was found. It is so scary when these fur kids get out. Hope all of you have a super day.

Cheri said...

It is so easy to let one slip out without knowing - so glad he is safe. Happy Easter to all of you and thank you for the good work you do.

Cats of wildcat woods

meowmeowmans said...

I saw on my reader that you had an Easter post, but the page was unavailable when I got here. In any case, we wanted to wish you the happiest of Easters! :)

Hugs, and thank you for everything you do.