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Monday, August 27, 2012

Adoption Update

Four adoptions this weekend, but what great adoptions -- two shy kittens and one special needs kitten! The following were adopted: Topper, Sneaker, Bryson, and Truffle.

Congratulations to the kittens and their new families.

Meet the Bruce Springsteen kittens

These little cuties are darling!  And the little tortie is now starting to come up and visit me (she used to run). YAY!

(Just an iphone photo so not the best quality but will get better pix soon).

From left to right: Ragamuffin Gunner (male), Barefoot Girl (female), and Little Dynamite (female)

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Two adoption events!

This weekend we will be at Morrisville PetSmart Saturday and Knightdale PetSmart Saturday AND Sunday, 1-4pm

Monday, August 20, 2012

Kitten names...

New litter of three medium haired darlings - about 5 weeks old.  Two females and one male (females are a tortie and a grey creme tabby), male is a dark gray tabby.

Running out of theme ideas.  Seems like we've used all the good ones lately (and not so good ones, we did have the McDonalds kittens - Big Mac, McFlurry, McNugget, French Fry, and Quarter Pounder *sigh*).

Taking suggestions!  Thanks!!

Updated - here's the Springsteen Trio
From left to right
Ragamuffin Gunner (M), Barefoot Girl (F), and Little Dynamite (F)


Adoption Update

It's that time of year - grant writing and fundraising for the rescue and crazy busy at the paying job so I'm woefully behind on the blog and keeping up with other cat rescue blogs...  If only there were 36 hours in a day instead of 24!


Week of 8/7-8/19/2012: It was a slower adoption week.  Torque who had been adopted about 1.5 weeks ago was returned due to allergies but was quickly adopted again that weekend (yay!!).  And Alexandria was also adopted.

Week of 8/13-19/2012: The following kitties were adopted: Marilyn, Peeta (one of the Hunger Games kittens), Joanie, Callie Mae (by a previous adopter), Whitfield, and Zander. All great adoptions but especially excited for Zander who was adopted as a kitten and returned due to loss of home.  When he was returned, my how he had grown!!  Zander is one big ol' couch potato!!


It's also been a hard week.  Butterfly, mama cat to the "Bug Kittens"  crossed the Rainbow Bridge after a very quick illness.  Thank you so much to her loving foster home for their great care and attention and noticing that she wasn't feeling well and quickly got her to the vet so she didn't suffer.  Butterfly was pulled from a very high kill rural shelter earlier this year, but we're happy to tell you her last meal was turkey (real turkey) and treats and her last months on earth were spent snuggling with her foster families, her babies, and sleeping on soft cushions and beds.  Rest in Peace, Butterfly.

Also, Flica is a super sweet and friendly 10-12 week old kitten who was found all alone and rescued by an Alley Cats and Angels adopter.  Flicka is severely anemic but is starting to show signs of improvement.  The good news is that her anemia is regenerative so she has the capacity to fully recover.  She's still quite weak but always gets up out of her bed to say hello and snuggle when she has visitors.  She may require a blood transfusion and is not out of the woods, so please keep a good thought and purrs for this loving kitten.

Pancakes for Cats - Flapjack Fundraiser Tickets Now on Sale!

Enjoy a short stack for a tall cause!  

You're invited to a Flapjack Fundraiser breakfast to benefit Alley Cats and Angels' Alter an Alley Cat spay/neuter assistance program.  

The Alter an Alley Cat program sponsors and subsidizes the spay/neuter surgery and vaccinations of cats owned by limited income households or households on government assistance, as well as feral cats whose owners cannot afford the cost of spay/neuter.  

For more information about Alley Cats and Angels, visit our website at

Date: Saturday, September 29, 2012
Time: 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM
Location: Applebee's Neighborhood Grill & Bar,  501 E. Six Forks Road,  Raleigh, NC 27608

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Weekend Adoption Events

Lots of new kitties, and some lonely ones who have been looking for the purr-fect partner for a while. Come on out and see us this weekend

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Misty and her (SURPRISE) babies!

Misty and her SURPRISE babies!!

Misty is a beautiful blind cat (sees only shadows) we took on after she was found as a stray. One of our two-time adopters, Cherie D, is going to adopt her. She is very small and was scheduled to be spayed on 8/10. But on 8/8 - SURPRISE - she gave birth to two beautiful little kittens.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Adoption Update

Four adoptions this weekend: Turbo, Dare, Wallaroo, and Maybelline. 

We have a picture of Turbo with her new family and we'll get that uploaded later tonight or tomorrow. Hopefully the allergies in the household will be ok with this sweet girl and she will have found her forever home. Such a nice family so fingers crossed. 

Dare's adopters knew she was the one when the little diva (and she is a little girl and very much a diva) tried to bite both of them. She was not happy being in the adoption center - all of her needs were being met, but her every whim was not being catered too (as it was at her foster home by her foster mom, Kathryn!!).

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Cat Caregivers Needed

Alley Cats and Angels is seeking Cat Caregivers to help care for our cats when they are in the Petsmart adoption centers.  The Cat Caregiver volunteers provide hands-on care to the cats, ensuring they are as clean and comfortable as possible.   

Responsibilities include:
  • Cleaning cat enclosure and changing cat litter
  • Feeding the cats
  • Observing their health and well-being
  • Giving them out of cage running and playtime
  • Loving them a lot – giving kisses and cuddles!

It only takes an hour or two once a week, once every two weeks, or once a month – you choose the frequency – to help keep the cats happy and healthy.  We are the last care the cats in the centers receive each evening.  The typical shifts for Cat Caregivers are
  • Monday through Friday – arrive between 6:30 and 7:30P, must be finished before store closes at 9P
  • Saturday – arrive around 3:00P and clean the adoption center while the cats are out of the center for the adoption event
  • Sunday – arrive between 4:30 and 5:30, must be finished before store closes at 7P

We need Cat Caregivers in the evenings when we are in the following adoption centers:
  • Petsmart Capital Boulevard Raleigh
  • Petsmart Knightdale
  • Petsmart Morrisville

If this sounds like something you would enjoy while reaping the rewards of doing something wonderful for our feline friends, please contact Alley Cats and Angels via email at

Volunteers must be 18 years of age or be accompanied by an adult and have reliable transportation.

We offer a small token of our appreciation for any Cat Caregiver who takes four or more shifts in one month.  

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Missing in Asheville

Courtesy post for an escaped kitty in Asheville NC

Arausio (aka “the Rooster”)
escaped his carrier right outside the Cat Care Clinic on North Merrimon Ave, Asheville, NC 
Thursday 8/2/2012.
Neutered, Male, Short-haired, Sandy Gray Tabby
Gold eyes, Attractive striping
Approx. 2 ½ years old
Sadly, not micro-chipped or wearing a collar at the time he was lost.
Very sweet, very vocal (high-pitched chortling mews & squeaks), loves to play, but probably very scared (he is usually an indoor-only cat).
If found please contact the Cat Care Clinic in Asheville (828) 645-7711

and if you know anyone in that area, please pass this along to them

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Meet Phoenix and Sun Bird

These little ones came from the same mobile home park that Siren came to us from last year.  We have stepped up our efforts to TNR all the cats in that location (we always TNR all of them but we've been split between many different projects lately).  But it is urgent that we TNR the cats as quickly as possible - and not just for cat overpopulation problems.

Phoenix and Sun Bird are CH kitties - they have cerebellar hypoplasia. 

Feline cerebellar hypoplasia is a non-progressive, non-contagious neurological condition that results in walking and balance problems. A kitten is born with CH when the part of the brain that controls fine motor skills and coordination is underdeveloped at birth.  The most common cause of this is if the mother contracted feline distemper while pregnant or if there was some sort of trauma to the kittens while they were in the womb.

CH cats are known for their “drunken sailor” walk, which is why they are endearingly known as “wobbly cats”.  The severity of a kitten’s CH can vary greatly – even among litter mates.  While some may only “wobble” some, others may have significant trouble getting around.

CH cats may also experience head tremors with uncontrollable shaking of the head when trying to focus. 

CH cats don’t know they are different from other cats.  Depending on the severity of their CH, they may have limited ability to jump so they’ll become world-class climbers instead. 

These wonderful babies are safe now.  They will be taken care of and loved.  And if everything goes well, they may be able to be adopted.  If not, they’ll stay with us in a loving foster home.