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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Meet Phoenix and Sun Bird

These little ones came from the same mobile home park that Siren came to us from last year.  We have stepped up our efforts to TNR all the cats in that location (we always TNR all of them but we've been split between many different projects lately).  But it is urgent that we TNR the cats as quickly as possible - and not just for cat overpopulation problems.

Phoenix and Sun Bird are CH kitties - they have cerebellar hypoplasia. 

Feline cerebellar hypoplasia is a non-progressive, non-contagious neurological condition that results in walking and balance problems. A kitten is born with CH when the part of the brain that controls fine motor skills and coordination is underdeveloped at birth.  The most common cause of this is if the mother contracted feline distemper while pregnant or if there was some sort of trauma to the kittens while they were in the womb.

CH cats are known for their “drunken sailor” walk, which is why they are endearingly known as “wobbly cats”.  The severity of a kitten’s CH can vary greatly – even among litter mates.  While some may only “wobble” some, others may have significant trouble getting around.

CH cats may also experience head tremors with uncontrollable shaking of the head when trying to focus. 

CH cats don’t know they are different from other cats.  Depending on the severity of their CH, they may have limited ability to jump so they’ll become world-class climbers instead. 

These wonderful babies are safe now.  They will be taken care of and loved.  And if everything goes well, they may be able to be adopted.  If not, they’ll stay with us in a loving foster home. 


Katie Isabella said...

Oh precious DEAR littel ones. YOu are in my heart right now. xoxox

meowmeowmans said...

Look at those sweet babies! Thank you, Alley Cats and Angels, for taking them in, caring for them =, and loving them. Paws crossed that their CH is not so bad, and that they find purrfect forever homes.