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Monday, August 20, 2012

Adoption Update

It's that time of year - grant writing and fundraising for the rescue and crazy busy at the paying job so I'm woefully behind on the blog and keeping up with other cat rescue blogs...  If only there were 36 hours in a day instead of 24!


Week of 8/7-8/19/2012: It was a slower adoption week.  Torque who had been adopted about 1.5 weeks ago was returned due to allergies but was quickly adopted again that weekend (yay!!).  And Alexandria was also adopted.

Week of 8/13-19/2012: The following kitties were adopted: Marilyn, Peeta (one of the Hunger Games kittens), Joanie, Callie Mae (by a previous adopter), Whitfield, and Zander. All great adoptions but especially excited for Zander who was adopted as a kitten and returned due to loss of home.  When he was returned, my how he had grown!!  Zander is one big ol' couch potato!!


It's also been a hard week.  Butterfly, mama cat to the "Bug Kittens"  crossed the Rainbow Bridge after a very quick illness.  Thank you so much to her loving foster home for their great care and attention and noticing that she wasn't feeling well and quickly got her to the vet so she didn't suffer.  Butterfly was pulled from a very high kill rural shelter earlier this year, but we're happy to tell you her last meal was turkey (real turkey) and treats and her last months on earth were spent snuggling with her foster families, her babies, and sleeping on soft cushions and beds.  Rest in Peace, Butterfly.

Also, Flica is a super sweet and friendly 10-12 week old kitten who was found all alone and rescued by an Alley Cats and Angels adopter.  Flicka is severely anemic but is starting to show signs of improvement.  The good news is that her anemia is regenerative so she has the capacity to fully recover.  She's still quite weak but always gets up out of her bed to say hello and snuggle when she has visitors.  She may require a blood transfusion and is not out of the woods, so please keep a good thought and purrs for this loving kitten.

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meowmeowmans said...

Hooray for all those adoptions. I so love seeing those pictures of the kitties with their new families. :)

That's very sad about Butterfly running off to the Bridge. Thank you to her foster parents, and to Alley Cats and Angels, for giving her such love and care in her last few months. She knew love, and that is a wonderful thing.

Definitely purring and praying for Flica!