We Want You to Foster!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Vote for the Bird Kittens

Please vote for our kittens in Unleashed's photo contest. The picture with the most likes will win 200 pounds of food for the rescue.
These five kittens were born in a humane trap to a feral mother cat who was trapped for TNR (trap-neuter-return, the humane way of preventing overpopulation in feral colonies). Since they were born in mid-march, we named them after birds: Magpie, Hummingbird, Canary, Finch, and Chickadee. These sweet babies have been handled since they were born and will be available for adoption through Alley Cats and Angels after they are fully vetted (mid-June).

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Foster homes needed!

Spring has some sub-seasons that come along with warmer weather and clear skies:
Yellow Season: characterized by sticky yellow powder on your car, your clothes and up your nose.
and Kitten Season: characterized by adorable little fluffballs found under porches, crawlspaces, garages and anywhere else that a mama cat deems safe

It's kitten season... Alley Cats and Angels is receiving a lot of requests for help but we need more foster homes. 

Please email for more information if you are interested in fostering and live in the Raleigh/Durham, NC area (or close surrounding areas). You can make a huge difference in the life of a cat and help save lives. THANK YOU.
Come help us out! We can provide litter and food. And of course, we provide all medical care for the cats.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Happy Adoption Photos, March 2015

March brought more great adoptions, to loving new homes for our cats and kittens. Especially great are the happy new families for some of our older cats, who came to us as adults and have had a hard time being placed. Everybody loves a kitten, but adult cats need love too.






Honky Tonk

Iowa and Maine went together!

Janome went home with the mother of a previous adopter

Monte Carlo

Pickles!!!! Pickles moved all the way to Georgia with a new family that came to see her and fell in love. Pickles has been hard to find a home for as she came to us as an adult and dislikes any competition for her affection from other cats.


Polka and Schnitzel got a whole family to live with

Sassafrass is very shy and didn't do well at adoption events, so she's been waiting for a home for a long time. She finally met the right person. 

Trapper! Trapper was adopted as a kitten and had to be returned (we always take our cats back when needed) and has found a new home this time around


Tulip fell in love with this doggie and convinced his people to bring her home too!
Update: here's a photo of Gus and Tulip, BFF

Saturday, February 28, 2015

February 2015 Happy Adoptions!

February brought some great new adopters to us, and they took some wonderful kitties into their homes. Of course not all cats like to be photographed. Rest assured, our adoption counselors make sure the home is a good fit, and the cats all get along well with their adopters, so don't let the annoyed cat photos worry you!



Boone. Really, Boone just looks like that for the picture. He's super sweet and loves his new mom. 

Calamity Jane - as you can see, she didn't want to be held at the adoption center (below) but she is great in her new home (above)

Florida and Bellhaven

Gigi! We are so excited for Gigi and her new person as she's not comfortable around everyone and has been looking for a home for a little while.

Illinois got his very own kids to play with



Michigan loves the attention

Minnesota and Heath




Princess Petunia

Thyme and Grizabella

Wimbledon. Third time's the charm, good buddy!


Saturday, January 31, 2015

January 2015 Happy Adoption Photos

Lots of great cats and kittens found their forever homes in January. Some went home with previous adopters, some went to live with kids and dogs and other cats, and some will be the prince or princess of their very own domain as the only feline overlord in the house. Some kitties even got to go to new homes with their siblings or other cats they've befriended in the program

Ada Yonath and Tennessee

Axel and Dolce





Calico Jack, one of the one-eyed Pirate Kittens has a new one-eyed cat sibling at his new home! (The Pirate Kittens were rescued from a feral colony with bad eye infections that caused several of them to lose an eye. They get along just fine!)

Captain Kidd


Fiona Glenanne and Nicodemus were adopted by their foster home!

Houlihan just doesn't like being photographed



KJ and Shelley

Long Ben and Auntie Venom
(The Pirate Kittens were rescued from a feral colony with bad eye infections that caused several of them to lose an eye. They get along just fine!)



Mercury finally found a home he doesn't run out the door of! It's been hard to find a forever home for Mercury because he likes to dart out of open doors and into unsafe places.

Monte Carlo



Rainbow Dash

Red Leg Greaves
(The Pirate Kittens were rescued from a feral colony with bad eye infections that caused several of them to lose an eye. They get along just fine!)



Singer was adopted by a volunteer and previous adopter

Vermont and Ohio