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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Happy Adoption Photos, March 2015

March brought more great adoptions, to loving new homes for our cats and kittens. Especially great are the happy new families for some of our older cats, who came to us as adults and have had a hard time being placed. Everybody loves a kitten, but adult cats need love too.






Honky Tonk

Iowa and Maine went together!

Janome went home with the mother of a previous adopter

Monte Carlo

Pickles!!!! Pickles moved all the way to Georgia with a new family that came to see her and fell in love. Pickles has been hard to find a home for as she came to us as an adult and dislikes any competition for her affection from other cats.


Polka and Schnitzel got a whole family to live with

Sassafrass is very shy and didn't do well at adoption events, so she's been waiting for a home for a long time. She finally met the right person. 

Trapper! Trapper was adopted as a kitten and had to be returned (we always take our cats back when needed) and has found a new home this time around


Tulip fell in love with this doggie and convinced his people to bring her home too!
Update: here's a photo of Gus and Tulip, BFF

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meowmeowmans said...

I LOVE seeing these pictures. So many happy, loving faces. My heart sings to see so many kitties finding their forever loving homes.

Thank you, Alley Cats and Angels!