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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tuesday evening update on Cumberland County kittens

Cumberland County tabby/calico mama and babies update.  Mama is doing better, she's still at the vet and they are syringe feeding her - which is tricky with her being feral, sometimes it goes well, sometimes not so well. 

The babies are at the vet's office during the day and with Jennifer, the kitten whisperer, (a vet tech at Harmony who goes far far above the call of duty) during the night.  Another baby was lost today and the remaining three kittens are doing fair at best and Dr. Jodi is not sure they will make it.  Still need those warm thoughts and prayers.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Cumberland County tabbico mama and babies need your thoughts and prayers please..

Prayers needed for the Cumberland County tabby/calico mama and her babies - they are very sick and a couple of the babies may have pneumonia. They are at Harmony Animal Hospital and Dr. Jodi or Jennifer (vet tech) will take them home tonight and care for them throughout the night. Prayers, warm thoughts, fingers crossed, whatever you believe in - please put it out there for the babies.

Update as of 8PM tonight:  Talked with Harmony tonight around 8PM. Bloodwork for mama will be back tomorrow, but she's very lethargic. Of the babies, the smallest one (buff and white) is the biggest fighter and is doing well with the bottle and the two orange tabbies are doing ok. The biggest concern right now is mama and the two gray tabbies.

Thankfully, the other mama and babies from Cumberland County shelter (the tuxedo mama) is doing well as are her babies.

Weekend adoptions

Seven adoptions this weekend - three of which were adult cats! 

The following were adopted: Sir Pounce, Strudel, Bishop, Cruiser, Blue Smoke and Gio together, and Bristol.  Congratulations to our rescue kitties and their adopters.  And Biscuit was adopted this evening (Monday evening).

Meet the Chapel Hill kittens

Meet our six newest kittens - the Chapel Hill kittens. They are nine weeks old but the size of five week old kittens.  They were covered in fleas and full of parasites.  You can feel most of their bones but they are very social and will do great with medical care and nutritious food. 

This is how several of us spent our Friday evening last week - bathing kittens (several times as the smell was overwhelming), flea combing and picking off fleas, cleaning ears, clipping claws, starting eye meds and intestinal parasite meds.  The amazing thing is pictures went up on Facebook page Friday evening and three kittens already have applications in on them (the two Siamese females and the orange female, and someone has expressed interested in the flame point mix male and the two tabby males)!

Below are just a few pictures, but we have a full album on our Kitten Alley Facebook page

We were contacted by CARE (Chatham Animal Rescue and Education) about a situation in Chapel Hill that they were working on - we worked with them on the Siler City cats).  Elderly lady in Chapel Hill who's not physically able to leave her home and is a shut-in. Started with just a few cats a few years ago and grew to 26, all living in a small trailer. We took in the kittens and two of the almost 1-year cats (we may be taking in two more of the almost 1-year olds). CARE (Chatham Area Rescue and Education) is coordinating the effort. Like with the Siler City rescue plea, Alley Cats and Angels was the first rescue to step up and offer to take cats in. If we can find more foster homes for the older cats, we can take some more in. 

Newest intakes - Cumberland County mamas and babies

Late last week we pulled two mama cats from a rural high-kill (98% kill rate on cats) shelter.  Each mama cat has five babies less than two weeks old.  The mama cats are feral - a sure death sentence for the mama and babies at the shelter if we hadn't taken them in.

The babies will gets lots of love and attention so they'll grow up to be super friendly. After the babies are weaned, mama will be vetted and will go out to a barn home.  They are all safe now and while mama won't have a traditional home later, she will have a safe barn home where people will take good care of her. We are glad we could help the mamas and babies, and thankful that we have the program to help the mama cats find an alternative home when it's time.


Sunday, February 19, 2012

This week's adoptions

Well today's weather was just awful -- rainy, dreary, windy, and cold so traffic at the store was slow with no adoptions.  However....we had seven adoptions on Saturday so we're very happy with that.

The following cats/kittens were adopted:  Cupcake and Brownie (together), Praline, Chutney, Camilla, Carson, and Babuska (adult cat!).

It's yard sale time!

Our spring yard sale date has been set, it's a bit later than usual this year due to our crazy schedules, but Alley Cats and Angels' first yard sale of 2012 is scheduled for May 12. We are now starting to take donated items to sell at the yard sale.

The following items generally sell well: jewelry, antiques and collectibles, lawn and garden items, power and hand tools, small appliances, pottery, china, pictures, frames, furniture, rugs, lamps, housewares, home d├ęcor, craft items, children’s items, and pet related items. We are unable to accept mattresses, computer monitors (unless flat panel monitors), printers).

Please email if you have items to donate for the yard sale. We will provide you with a donation receipt for taxes.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Super Adoption Weekend Indeed!

What a great super adoptathon this weekend, thirteen (13) cats/kittens were adopted. The following were adopted: Lady Whiskers, Rui, Pesto, William of Orange, Miss Peepers (by a previous adopter), Paisley and Victoria together, Beatrice and Seltzer together, the unstoppable Jamie, Max, and Bitty Bop and Jill together. 

We are thankful for all of the adoptions but we are especially thankful that a few of the overlooked cats were adopted this weekend (Bitty Bop and Jill).

Thank you to our adopters and congratulations to the kitties!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

A HUGE Thank You!!!

Thank you Build-a-Bear® Workshop Bear Hugs Foundation!

Alley Cats and Angels is the recipient of a $2,000 grant from the Build-a-Bear Workshop® Bear Hugs Foundation. This grant will help provide spay/neuter surgeries and vaccinations for cats through our Alter an Alley Cat spay/neuter assistance program.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Super Adoption Events this Weekend (February 11 and 12)

Come find your Purrfect Partner at our weekend adoption events at Petsmart Capital Boulevard in Raleigh (adoption event is 12 noon to 4:00 pm).

We'll have over 20 cats and kittens at the event on Saturday. Siamese mix, Maine Coon mix, tuxedos, orange and white, black, tabbies, white kitties - you name it!!

Stay tuned to our Facebook page for pictures and profiles.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Prison Cat Four - An Update

In September 2011, you may remember reading about the prison cat project update. The prison was closing and the inmates and guards asked us to take in the four “friendly” cats that we had TNR'd – Smokey, Bobo, Runt, and Twinkletoes. We were able to get the cats and they were set up in cages at my house while they received parasite meds, etc. After the cats finished their meds, their cage doors were finally opened and they had access to the room, but it took them a while to venture outside the cage – it was all new to them. But the cats the big cat tree in front of the window, and loved it when I cracked both windows in the room so they could get some fresh air.

I shortened Twinkletoe’s name to Twink because Twinkletoes is just not a manly name and it was giving him a complex (which was probably just me projecting that onto him!). Twink and Runt could be picked up without incident but they always seemed to be miserable and honestly had a look on their face like “please, this is not for me, leave me alone”. Bobo could be touched but he would shrink from touch and he would get scared and would rather just wedge himself in someplace and hide. Smokey preferred you leave him alone, thank you very much!

I worked with the cats hoping they would become adoptable and have a nice, cushy, indoor only home. But the cats had other ideas, they truly longed to be outdoors. They wanted freedom, they wanted fresh air.

It was with a heavy heart that I realized they needed barn homes. They were set to go out to barn homes a little over a month ago but Smokey wasn’t feeling well – he was lethargic and would let me pet his head (something he wouldn’t typically let me do before without bodily injury). He let me pick him up and put him in a trap and take him to the vet. I had the vet run full blood panels, exams, etc. Smokey was entrusted to our care and we don’t skimp on medical because the cat is feral/semi-feral. Turns out Smokey had an infection and meds cleared it up. But I held off on relocating for several more weeks because it was important to make sure that Smokey was healthy and doing well before he was relocated.

Saturday, 2/4/12 was a bittersweet day. Six cats were relocated to barn homes and the, prison four were among them.

Thanks to one of our wonderful supporters, two wonderful barn homes were found for the cats. I paired them together in their new barn homes the way they tended to pair up in the room they were in. Bobo and Twink went to one location and Smokey and Runt went to the other. I told Smokey I wouldn’t cry because he could be mean (just a result of being scared, he wasn’t a mean cat) but you know what, it was all I could do to hold back the tears yesterday when I did the relocations. I wondered if I had failed them. I wanted nice indoor homes for them and they got barn homes instead. But you should have seen how happy Smokey was yesterday – even being confined to a large cage in the barn, he could smell the outdoors and was very inquisitive. And he responded really well to Sam’s voice. Of course that makes sense, he was born and raised in a men’s prison – yes there were some women officers/guards there but it was mostly men – he responds to men. I made sure that Smokey went to a barn home that was experienced with feral/semi-feral cats because Smokey might try to make a break for it and it would be devastating if he got out of the cage before the relocation confinement period was up. He needs the confinement time to get to know his new surroundings and people and understand that it is his new home and he will be well taken care of there.

I wanted to kiss them all goodbye but they wouldn’t let me. As I said, I wanted indoor homes with soft beds for the cats, but they had other ideas. So yes, I did cry. I cried because even though they didn’t get a big king-sized bed to sleep in every night, and with the stress of a relocation, the prison four seemed happy yesterday. And that is what I wanted for them – happiness. I just had to come to realize that my idea of the home they needed was not the home they wanted. So they will have a happily ever after ending – just not the one I envisioned.

Smokey, Bobo, Runt, and Twink – I love you (yes, even you Smokey even though I really think you despised me). Enjoy the fresh air and your freedom. But remember, you have people that love and care for you and always will. And I look forward to getting updates on the cats.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Siren, our little CH angel

It is with a very heavy heart that we had to let Siren go this morning.  Siren is the little kitten with cerebeller hypoplasia.  Siren was 7 months old and we took her and her brother in when they were about 7 weeks old.

Siren was a beautiful angel, but her condition gradually worsened to where we know all we could do was to provide was hospice care for her.  But lately, her condition had declined even more and the most humane action we could take for her was to help her cross the bridge.

Goodbye our sweet little angel.   You'll have full use of your legs in kitty heaven and will be able to run and play without falling over. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Alley Cats And Angels is holding a Pampered Chef Online Fundraiser!

It is easy to participate. Go to Click Shop online. Enter "Alley" in the search box and click search. Click on Alley Cats and Angels and start shopping. You can have your purchases shipped to your door OR if you live the Triangle area, you can pay a flat shipping rate and the fundraiser chairperson will deliver it to you. Please note: Your credit card/debit card will not be charged until the closing date of the fundraiser, February 19th, 2012. Alley Cats and Angels will receive a portion of the sales and commissions on each order.

Alley Cats & Angels is an all volunteer non-profit cat rescue. Our Alter an Alley Cat Fund is used to pay for spay/neuter surgeries of feral cats or pet cats who's caretakers/owners are unable to afford the surgeries. Throughout the year we host free spay/neuter clinics for cats of lower income owner/caretakers. For $750 we can alter and vaccinate up to 30 cats at a clinic! Our goal with this fundraiser is to cover the cost of at least one free 30 cat clinic. The more we raise, the more cats that get altered!

Feel free to to contact Tricia Andrews via email at with any questions!

Thank you for your support!