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Friday, October 29, 2010

Free TNR 101 Workshops in the Triangle, NC Area

Multiple local rescue groups, shelters, and Wake County Animal Control are partnering together as the Wake County Cat Committee.  One of the action items is the plight of the feral cats in this area and how to address those needs.  Alley Cats and Angels is pleased to be part of this ground-breaking committee and thanks all the participants for their love and dedication to the animals.

Would you like to learn more about how you can help feral and free roaming cats?   If so, please attend one of the following TNR 101 workshops.  Workshops will be held from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM and are free of charge.
  • November 1 at the Wake County SPCA (Raleigh, NC)
  • December 6 at SAFE Haven for Cats (Raleigh, NC)
  • January 3 at Cat Angels Pet Adoptions (Cary, NC)
The November and December workshops will be lead by Alley Cats and Angels' Vice President, Marie Brewer.

See the attached for more information:

Meet Tater - abandoned in a locked condo for almost two weeks

Tater and his brother, Booker, were left locked in a condo for almost two weeks with not enough food or water.  Fortunately, the vile person that left them left the toliet lid up so when the cats ran out of water in their dishes, they were able to drink from the toliet.  Less than ideal, but it kept them from getting dehydrated.   

Unfortunately, there was not enough food either and the boys lost quite a bit of weight.  Tater lost 4 pounds which is 20% of his original body weight.  The cats' fur literally jumped with fleas when they were taken from the condo.  The fleas were so bad, the cats have sores all over them.  Oh, we love Capstar and how quickly it kills fleas!

Booker was seen by the vet yesterday and is going to live with a friend of a friend's aunt.  Tater was taken into our adoption program last night and has an appointment today for the works at the vet.  He will be available for adoption but it may be a little while.  He needs to get a clean bill of health by our vet and time to adjust.  Tater seems afraid to be left alone - understandably so. 

Tater is a very handsome medium haired buff tabby and is front declawed.

(Some names have been changed to protect the innocent victims of domestic abuse.)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Yowl-o-Ween Cat Costume Contest

Only two days left to submit pictures of the cats adopted from Alley Cats and Angels in Halloween costumes.  We have seven entries so far.  We've created a Facebook album with the pictures (!/album.php?aid=236457&id=132383006913).  Just click on the picture you like best and click "like".  The picture with the most "likes" wins. 

Salty (formerly Blizz) wearing her lobster costume

Trillium Whorl [aka Trilli] (formerly Suke) wearing her pig costume - she's Porky Pig (quite appropriate because she's a very rotund girl!!)

Biscuit (formerly Justina) wearing her cow costume

Dexter (formerly Snarfle) wearing his bat costume.  Nahannananan, Bat Cat!

Persephone wearing her monster costume. 

Rugby (formerly Vittles) as Rug-Bee, the bumble bee

Wicket [aka Squeaky because of his tiny squeaky meow] (formerly Varjak Paw) dressed as Count Squeakula

Adoption Update

Spunky was adopted Monday night by one of our previous adopters.  The couple adopted Eddie from us about two months ago and wanted to get a companion for him.  After a first night of hissing, they seem be on track to becoming best buds!  Congratulations on your new home Spunky. 

Monday, October 25, 2010

Meet the Symphony Kittens

The local SPCA has a food bank program and once food has been distributed if there is food leftover, feral cat caregivers can get some for their ferals -- this is a great program because in this economy so many people are struggling but don't want to give up their pets.  However, all animals must be sterilized and vaccinated in order to receive food.  The SPCA forwarded information to us about a colony of ferals with a very limited income caregiver and our one of our TNR Task Force Leaders, Marie P, has been working for the past week trapping for TNR at that colony.  There are approximately 15-20 adult cats and about 10-12 kittens.  So far, 7 of the ferals were "fixed" through our Alter an Alley Cat program last week and we hope to get the remaining cats done this week and next week.  8 kittens have been trapped so far (6 black and white kittens and 2 all black kittens) and there are approximately 3 more kittens to catch.  The kittens are approximately 5 weeks old.  Thankfully, there was someone in the area that is willing to foster the kittens and we are ecstatic because we truly had no available foster homes for them.  Two of the household members play for the North Carolina Symphony so we have dubbed the kittens the "Symphony kittens".  No word yet as to if they will be named after famous composers (Mozart, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, etc.).

We are also fortunate because the caregiver and friends have been working the area to get donations to help offset the cost of spay/neuter of all the ferals.  We have spayed/neutered and vaccinated 175 cats through our Alter an Alley Cat program this year (that does not include our February spay day).  It's amazing what a small group can do on a very small budget but the Alter an Alley Cat fund is getting dangerously low and we will still need to finish TNR for the colonies we are currently working on and need to have funds for those.

So here are the first pictures of the Symphony kittens. 

OC kitty

This kitten came into Operation Catnip yesterday but was not old enough to be spayed/neutered, so he's hanging out with one of our TNR Task Force Leaders for a while and has been taken into our adoption program.  He's handle-able without too much fight so should tame down for adoption just fine.


It wasn't a huge adoption weekend but it was a great adoption weekend.  We had two adoptions this weekend and what great adoptions they were!

Shannon Rose, a beautiful calico ADULT cat, was adopted.  I was love at first sight.  Hopefully Shannon Rose will come to like the dogs because that is the only possible obstacle. 

And Ian, the last of the I kittens was finally adopted.  He was much more shy than his siblings for so long and hated adoption events.  But at his foster home, he was a snuggly lap kitty.  We are happy to report that after just a brief stint of hiding, he was laying on his adoptive mom's lap the evening he was adopted.  YAY!!

New pictures of Fast Food Freddie

The below pictures of Fast Food Freddie were taken last week, how cute is this chubby little guy?!!

Gimme five!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

TNR (trap-neuter-return) works!

We spent a good part of two springs and summers doing TNR at a colony downtown Raleigh.  I took on the colony at a request of a friend (surgeries were paid for, just needed trapping and transport help).  Initially, thought there were about 14 cats.  The first night I trapped two summers ago, I caught five cats in 20 minutes but sat back to watch the cats after I put out food.  I counted at least 22 cats and that was only the ones that would come out when people were around.  I TNR'd 23 cats from that location and took in kittens and then turned the project over to our TNR Task Force Leaders, Tricia and Marie, who thankfully took it on.  The two of them TNR'd a bunch of cats and we took in the kittens.  Tricia and Marie P persevered until every cat had a cropped ear (which is the goal with TNR - make sure you TNR ALL the cats in the colony).

Marie P stopped by the colony last night to check on things and the colony made it through the entire spring and summer without one kitten appearing.  The caregiver will contact us if any new cats show up or if they see a kitten, but all is well.  This is proof positive that TNR works. (And a big thanks to Tricia and Marie P.)

If you would like to learn more about TNR, check out the below websites or email us at  If you're interested in becoming part of our TNR Task Force (we always need lead trappers and trapping assistants), please email us at


It's going to be a busy, busy fall and winter!

Last weekend was the only weekend off from rescue related work in many, many months.  But I still did a barn cat relocation and had my nephew help me sterilize everything under the sun (traps that have been loaned out and returned, cages from barn cat relos, litterboxes, carriers, etc.).

The rest of the year is totally booked.  If it's not an adoption event, or cats in the adoption center, we have Santa photos.  And some barn cat relos thrown in too.  :-)  We just hammered out the schedule of events, adoption specials, and fundraisers for the rest of the year.  In case anyone wants to come see us at at event, check out the below schedule.

Yowl-o-ween Photo Contest
  • See previous blog post for information on this
Visit our cats in the following adoption centers
  • October 18 through October 31: PetSmart Knightdale
  • November 1 through November 14: PetSmart Capital Boulevard
  • November 14 through December 5: PetSmart Knightdale
Adoption Events
  • October 23-24, 1PM to 4PM: PetSmart Knightdale
  • October 30-31, 1PM to 4PM: PetSmart Knightdale
  • November 6-7, 1PM to 4PM: PetSmart Capital Boulevard
  • November 12, 6PM to 8PM: PetSmart Capital Boulevard (National Adoption Weekend)
  • November 13-14, 1PM to 4PM: PetSmart Capital Boulevard (National Adoption Weekend)
  • November 20-21, 1PM to 4PM: PetSmart Knightdale
  • November 26, 10AM to 3PM: PetSmart Capital Boulevard
  • November 27-28, 1PM to 4PM, PetSmart Knightdale
  • December 4-5, 1PM to 4PM, PetSmart Knightdale
  • End of December adoption events still to be scheduled
Because Black Goes With Everything – Black Cat Adoption Promotion
  • Adoption fee for all black and mostly black cats and kittens is only $50 for the month of November
Holiday Marble Slab Fudge Fundraiser
  • At least 7 delicious creamy flavors
  • Available in half-pound and one-pound boxes
  • Orders taken from November 1 through December 3, Orders will be delivered by December 15
  • Alley Cats and Angels earns 50% on all fudge orders
Crystal Holiday Ornament Sale
  • Many beautiful designs
  • Orders taken from November 1 through December 3, Orders will be delivered by December 18
  • Alley Cats and Angels earns 50% on all orders
Santa Paws Photos
  • December 11-12, 11AM to 4PM: PetSmart Capital Boulevard
  • December 18-19, 11AM to 4PM: PetSmart Capital Boulevard
  • December 18-19, 11AM to 4PM: PetSmart Knightdale
  • Alley Cats and Angels earns $5 from each photo purchased

Yowl-o-Ween Photo Contest for Alley Cats and Angels' Kitty Alumni

Have you adopted a cat from Alley Cats and Angels? Do you have your cat's Halloween costume all picked out? If so, email a picture of your kitty in costume by October 25 to

We will create a Facebook album for voting. The cat with the most votes (the cat whose photo receives the most "likes") will receive a $50 PetSmart gift card.

(Disclaimer: the above picture is not a submission for the contest, it is a photo of a cat in a costume that I found when googling.)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Help name the little princess

We took in this little girl on Saturday. The sweet little angel is about 11-12 weeks old.  She is a medium haired dilute calico and is very sweet. I'm fostering her and having a hard time thinking of a name for her that I can use.

I wanted to name her Flowerbella, but we currently have an "F" litter of kittens so that's not an option (no names starting with F, also can't use any names starting with S right now either since we currently have an S litter of kittens). The name Milkshake is cute too, but we've already had a Milkshake (we try not to use the same name twice).

Send in your name suggestions via comments.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Cool items for sale -- all to benefit the cats

Check out Wildcat Woods vintage Treasures:

This family has rescued and cares for feral cats. They even moved ferals to another town with them so the cats they previously TNR'd would be forever cared for.  They have some great vintage items for sale including jewerly, books, clothing, housewares, home decor items, etc. All the proceeds go to care for the cats to help pay for food and medical care.  And they have quite a few kitties with chronic health issues. 

Please check out the site and hopefully you'll see something you can't do without -- because again, all the money goes to care for the cats. 

Another Sunny Update

Apparently, Sunny did not like her little bandage beret because she managed to get it off (and it was lightly stitched on) Wednesday night.  She went back to the vet yesterday.  And Suuny came home with a bad haircut and some stitches. 

Dr. Jodi had to do some cutting and stretching to acquire enough skin to cover the wound so we're keeping our fingers crossed that it holds. 

According to her foster mom and a friend that stopped by to see her, Sunny girl is an absolute sweetheart, she literally tosses herself on her back for tummy rubs.

And apparently yesterday when her sister was hissing at her (that cone can be scary), Sunny puffed up, turned her body sideways and hopped towards her sister as if to say "look how big I am".  She's pretty darn cute even with the scab, the stitches, and the bad haircut!  The girl can certainly work it.  And boy is she popular, she's gaining quite a fan base of people on facebook. 

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Alley Cats and Angels' First Annual Feral Cat Spay Day a Success

Alley Cats and Angels celebrated National Feral Cat Day by holding a $10 spay day for feral cats on October 14, 2010. A lot of feral cat caregivers are on extremely limited incomes and this is one way Alley Cats and Angels can help both the cats and the caregivers.  Many of the caregivers participating in the spay day truly could not afford the $10 co-pay per cat but were not turned away as long as appointments were still available. 

Our TNR (trap-neuter-return) Task Force helped trap feral cats the day before the clinic and transported them and from the clinic. 24 cats were spayed/neutered, vaccinated and earcropped today; of those 14 were female and 10 were male. 

This was Alley Cats and Angels’ first Feral Cat Spay Day but it will become a yearly "tradition" for our rescue group.

We would like to thank Dr. Barbara Farmer of Greystone Animal Hospital in Raleigh for helping make this day possible. In addition, we would also like to thank Whole Foods Market on Wade Avenue, Raleigh and our donors for your generous donations which helped cover the cost of this spay day.

Additional thanks to our TNR Task Force Leaders, Tricia Andrews and Marie Pickering, for their tireless devotion to feral cats.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Update on two of our adopted kitties

We have kept Bennie's name but after much back and forth we arrived at Murray for the former Tygra. He says "murr" when you talk to him. We are so happy with both cats. They are loving and affectionate and full of energy. Our older cat, Sweetie, has adapted well. Murray seems to perk up when he hears a dog barking on TV or the little dog in the yard behind us. Bennie is a busy boy. He likes to stay and be petted but when he decides he has to be elsewhere, off he goes. He's going to be a strong and muscular cat. I can get him to gently take treats from my fingers. It slows him down and lets Sweetie and Murray take their time with theirs. :) I hope you'll come by and see them sometime...I bet Bennie would like to see you again. Thank you again for bringing the boys to us.


Murray (formerly Tygra) up front and Bennie in the back

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Update on Sunny with a Chance

After twelve days at the vet, the beautiful little Sunny got to come home from the vet last night.  She still has a special bandage on her head that is stitched on and she'll have to go back to the vet a couple of times per week but she is doing well. 

Here's a picture of her thinking "ahhh come on, do I have to wear both the bandage beret and the cone?".  I do get a sense that it's combined with a little bit of her thinking "oh please, who could possibly resist all this cuteness?"!! 

You have to admit - even with the bandage and the cone, she is pretty darn adorable!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Fall 2010 Yard Sale Results

We had an amazingly successful yard sale Saturday.  We raised a little over $2,900 for the kitties -- $2,927 actually.  We do have a few things (Boyd Bears in boxes with certificates) that we will sell on eBay or post on Craigslist as they were really not yard sale items. 

I would like to thank everyone that donated items for the sale, the volunteers that worked the sale, and everyone that bought items.  This was our most successful yard sale to date.

All the proceeds from the yard sale will go to our medical fund for medical care and spay/neuter and to our Alter an Alley Cat spay/neuter assistance fund. 

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Meet "Fast Food Freddie"

This little guy is very young -- he's still wobbly on his feet.  He was found in a Hardees bag  by a Raleigh police officer who called an animal control officer knowing she would find a rescue to take him in.  Well, she did.  ;-)  It's an iPhone picture and a bit fuzzy, but what an adorable cow kitten.

For those of you up north, Hardees is a fast food place.

Too cute not to share

Elizabeth took this picture when Edmund was in the adoption center.  He's playing hide and seek but his reflection gives him away!  Edmund is the last of the E litter of kittens -- his four siblings have found homes and he's waiting for his turn.  He is too adorable.  Very handsome orange classic (marble) tabby with eyes big as saucers!  Read more about Edmund on his Petfinder page:

Meet the Gone with the Wind kittens

These three babies were brought to us by an animal control officer when they were very tiny and needed to be bottle fed.  They are now about seven weeks old and are quite a gorgeous set of kittens.  They are named Rhett, Scarlett, and Ashley.

Update on the Weather Girls

Spoke with Dr. Jodi's office this morning and Sunny is doing well.  She is very playful, has a good appetite, and her head is coming along nicely.  The earliest she'll be able to come home from the vet is Thursday, although she might need to stay longer -- we won't really know until Thursday. 

I thought you'd enjoy a picture of Windy when she's not wet and "screaming".  She's mind blowing cute and her ears don't seem quite as big (although they are pretty darn big) when she's dry with all her long hair.

Thank you everyone for all your kind words and warm thoughts for Sunny and the other Weather Girls.  We are very happy we could take these babies in.

Adoption update

Four kittens were adopted last week:  Barney, Demi, Endora, and Ditzy. 

Due to our yard sale fund raiser, participation in the Shelter Medicine conference in Florida, and a much needed weekend off after that (before we start back with multiple events every weekend through the end of the year), we will not be holding any adoption events for the next two weekends. 

Hopefully we will still have some adoptions as approved applicants can meet cats in their foster homes.