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Monday, October 25, 2010

Meet the Symphony Kittens

The local SPCA has a food bank program and once food has been distributed if there is food leftover, feral cat caregivers can get some for their ferals -- this is a great program because in this economy so many people are struggling but don't want to give up their pets.  However, all animals must be sterilized and vaccinated in order to receive food.  The SPCA forwarded information to us about a colony of ferals with a very limited income caregiver and our one of our TNR Task Force Leaders, Marie P, has been working for the past week trapping for TNR at that colony.  There are approximately 15-20 adult cats and about 10-12 kittens.  So far, 7 of the ferals were "fixed" through our Alter an Alley Cat program last week and we hope to get the remaining cats done this week and next week.  8 kittens have been trapped so far (6 black and white kittens and 2 all black kittens) and there are approximately 3 more kittens to catch.  The kittens are approximately 5 weeks old.  Thankfully, there was someone in the area that is willing to foster the kittens and we are ecstatic because we truly had no available foster homes for them.  Two of the household members play for the North Carolina Symphony so we have dubbed the kittens the "Symphony kittens".  No word yet as to if they will be named after famous composers (Mozart, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, etc.).

We are also fortunate because the caregiver and friends have been working the area to get donations to help offset the cost of spay/neuter of all the ferals.  We have spayed/neutered and vaccinated 175 cats through our Alter an Alley Cat program this year (that does not include our February spay day).  It's amazing what a small group can do on a very small budget but the Alter an Alley Cat fund is getting dangerously low and we will still need to finish TNR for the colonies we are currently working on and need to have funds for those.

So here are the first pictures of the Symphony kittens. 


cats of wildcat woods said...

Oh my they are adorable - I will feature them on our Forever Friday this week - great for Halloween since they are black!

meowmeowmans said...

They are SO cute! We hope they all find forever homes really soon.