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Friday, October 29, 2010

Meet Tater - abandoned in a locked condo for almost two weeks

Tater and his brother, Booker, were left locked in a condo for almost two weeks with not enough food or water.  Fortunately, the vile person that left them left the toliet lid up so when the cats ran out of water in their dishes, they were able to drink from the toliet.  Less than ideal, but it kept them from getting dehydrated.   

Unfortunately, there was not enough food either and the boys lost quite a bit of weight.  Tater lost 4 pounds which is 20% of his original body weight.  The cats' fur literally jumped with fleas when they were taken from the condo.  The fleas were so bad, the cats have sores all over them.  Oh, we love Capstar and how quickly it kills fleas!

Booker was seen by the vet yesterday and is going to live with a friend of a friend's aunt.  Tater was taken into our adoption program last night and has an appointment today for the works at the vet.  He will be available for adoption but it may be a little while.  He needs to get a clean bill of health by our vet and time to adjust.  Tater seems afraid to be left alone - understandably so. 

Tater is a very handsome medium haired buff tabby and is front declawed.

(Some names have been changed to protect the innocent victims of domestic abuse.)

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cats of wildcat woods said...

Thank God they were found in time - it is so sad to hear stories of pets being left behind without food and water. Will pass this on. I did a post on the Symphony Kittens today - if you have an update - please add it. Thansk for all you do.