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Friday, October 15, 2010

Another Sunny Update

Apparently, Sunny did not like her little bandage beret because she managed to get it off (and it was lightly stitched on) Wednesday night.  She went back to the vet yesterday.  And Suuny came home with a bad haircut and some stitches. 

Dr. Jodi had to do some cutting and stretching to acquire enough skin to cover the wound so we're keeping our fingers crossed that it holds. 

According to her foster mom and a friend that stopped by to see her, Sunny girl is an absolute sweetheart, she literally tosses herself on her back for tummy rubs.

And apparently yesterday when her sister was hissing at her (that cone can be scary), Sunny puffed up, turned her body sideways and hopped towards her sister as if to say "look how big I am".  She's pretty darn cute even with the scab, the stitches, and the bad haircut!  The girl can certainly work it.  And boy is she popular, she's gaining quite a fan base of people on facebook. 

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meowmeowmans said...

Go Sunny! We are purring and praying for you, little one.