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Monday, February 27, 2012

Cumberland County tabbico mama and babies need your thoughts and prayers please..

Prayers needed for the Cumberland County tabby/calico mama and her babies - they are very sick and a couple of the babies may have pneumonia. They are at Harmony Animal Hospital and Dr. Jodi or Jennifer (vet tech) will take them home tonight and care for them throughout the night. Prayers, warm thoughts, fingers crossed, whatever you believe in - please put it out there for the babies.

Update as of 8PM tonight:  Talked with Harmony tonight around 8PM. Bloodwork for mama will be back tomorrow, but she's very lethargic. Of the babies, the smallest one (buff and white) is the biggest fighter and is doing well with the bottle and the two orange tabbies are doing ok. The biggest concern right now is mama and the two gray tabbies.

Thankfully, the other mama and babies from Cumberland County shelter (the tuxedo mama) is doing well as are her babies.


Marg said...

We sure are sending tons of purrs for those kitties and their Mom. We sure hope they make it.WE will cross our paws too. Please give us an update. Those kitties are in our thoughts and prayers.

meowmeowmans said...

We're definitely saying some big purrs and prayers for that tabbico mama and her sweet babies. Please keep us posted, okay? Hugs.