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Monday, September 12, 2011

RIP McLovin'

This extremely emaciated and lonely lost soul was found Saturday by our TNR Task Force Leader, Marie P.  He was found at a local fast food restaurant in a maintained colony.  She saw him and could see he was extremely thin.  She approached him slowly and expected he would start to run but he came towards her and was so friendly. 

I get the call "are you driving?, no? are you sitting down?", expecting her to say there are somewhere a zillion kittens in this small managed colony, I was relieved that it was only one cat (we have no available foster homes right now), of course we take him in. 

Marie set him up in a cage in an empty bedroom (where she typically recovers feral cats after TNR) and started small doses of A/D canned food mixed with NutriCal and water to make a puree so it was easy for him to eat.  Very small doses at a time so he doesn't get sick.  Around midnight, Jill and I headed over to Marie's house to give him some fluids and meet the sweet boy.  He did so great with fluids - sat in a lap the whole time during the 125 cc's of lactated ringers. 

Jill took pictures of him but because he's medium haired, you don't really see really now emaciated he is.  He was nothing but bones and a big ol' head (not neutered). His sides were so sunken in, it was painful to see.  Because he was so loving, Marie P named him McLovin'.  Fit him to a T. 

McLovin' went to the vet this morning for an exam and testing.  The first test of course being an FeLV/FIV test.  I got the dreaded call at 11:02 this morning.  McLovin' is FeLV positive.  After making sure it couldn't be a false positive and discussing it with the vet, it was determined that his very poor health was due to the FeLV and we had to make the hard decision to euthanize him.

Hearts are breaking - only knew him a short time, but fell in love.  It's so sad.   The knowledge that we provided him a soft and safe place to sleep for a few nights/days, gave him lots of love and attention, and filled his tummy with good food eases the pain only slightly.  We are thankful he didn't die alone on the streets and in pain.  We are sad, but we are happy that we got to know this wonderful boy, even if for such a short time. 

We love you McLovin'. RIP and run free sweet boy. 


Random Felines said...

I am so sorry.....we went through a similar thing this summer but with a momma cat and kittens. It just sucks. I know spay/neuter is important anyhow, but when you see cats suffering from this, it makes me sad and then it makes me angry.

THANK YOU for taking in this boy and making his last few hours full of love and safety.

Ms. Intolerant said...

Awe what a bittersweet story. I'm so sad this little guy didn't make it, but you found him in time to give him plenty of love to take with him to the rainbow bridge. RIP McLovin.

meowmeowmans said...

As sad as this story is, we are so thankful McLovin' was able to know love with you, if even just for a short while. Hugs.