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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sweet little Yaya

Now that Yaya is healthy and doing great, she can now have her teeth cleaned and flash everyone her pretty smile. Okay - her smile is really more sticking out her little tongue, but the teeth she's not showing will be nice and clean and pearly white.   She has an appointment tomorrow (Friday, 12/31) to get them done. 

So after tomorrow, all four of the American Shorthairs will have completed their dental and so far only one tooth had to be pulled (let's hope it stays at just one and Yaya doesn't have to have any pulled). 

Now, we just need to look into kitty braces for sweet Fang.  Seriously - have you seen those "fangs"?!!

Update: Friday, 12/31/09 1:30PM: just talked to Dr. Jon and poor Yaya had to have three teeth pulled.  Two inciscors and one molar. 

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