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Monday, December 28, 2009

Yaya and Fang

On November 29th, I posted pictures of Yaya a few days after her eye enucleation (removal) surgery. Well, Yaya is still in the same "recovery" foster home; instead of just recovering her, her foster mom and dad will keep her and her brother (Fang) until they are adopted. I saw Yaya and Fang on Christmas and they are doing great. Yaya has become grandpa's girl and Fang is grandma's boy. They both adore receiving love and attention, but Fang even more so.

However, I'm not sure my parents make good foster parents because they can't quite manage letting go -- as evidenced by the fact that they have adopted most of the cats they have fostered for us.  They're great special needs fosters, but not good at saying goodbye.  They adopted Mikey and Maddie - super shy cats caught as older feral kittens.  And then of course there is Spicey -the almost blind tortie.  They were only supposed to be fostering Spicey while she was recovering from being so sick but even though I had found a permanent home for her who knew how to handle blind cats, they couldn't say goodbye.  Spicey has no vision in one eye and appears to only be able to see shadows with the other eye.

The pictures aren't that great - they wouldn't stay still for photos and I only had my iPhone to take pix. I'll get better pictures soon. I promise.

Yaya's tongue does stick out most of the time from her little flat face, as does Fang's tongue. They have eyes as big as saucers. Yaya has the tiniest little nose and tongue - they really are about the size of a little kitten's nose and tongue. She's simply adorable.  She's a petite little lady.  Yaya is available for adoption now.  Fang's not quite ready yet. 

Fang has the personality of a little dog - he follows "his grandma" everywhere and loves to sit on her lap and chest when she's watching television. Mom's worried no one will want to adopt Fang because he's, ummmmm, very unique looking and has some issues. But mama loves that face (rescue mama and foster mama). He's got the "fangs" and heavily hooded eyes. His somewhat flat face and fangs make him a super messy eater. His hooded eyes water alot -- he's been thoroughly examed by our vet and he's fine, there are just some issues inherent in this breed. But he has such an incredibly sweet personality.

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