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Monday, December 21, 2009

Special Foster Home Needed

Alley Cats and Angels is seeking a special foster home for one of older kittens that possibly has IBS or food allergies. We've gone through the gamut of fecal tests and every medication imagineable and worked with two different animal hospitals but poor Oscar is still having issues.

We need a home with no other cats or a house that has a room Oscar can stay in so we can try out some different food options (sensitive stomach, allergen free, grain free, low-residue, etc.). Oscar is an active boy and quite the big lovebug and does not do well in a cage so we really need a special foster home for him. It may take only a month to regulate Oscar's issues or it may take several as we try several food options.

The foster home must be able to administer medication as needed (if new medication is deemed appropriate by our vets).

Alley Cats and Angels will provide Oscar's food.

Oscar is one of the sweetest, most wonderful older kittens. He is truly delightful. We hope to resolve his issues soon so he can be available for adoption and we can find the perfect home for him. He has so much love to give someone and we hope he can share it with his forever family soon.

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