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Friday, December 4, 2009

Our teeny tiny babies are growing up

They are just a little over three weeks old. There are 4 boys and 1 girl - the dark gray tabby is the female. Aren't they absolutely adorable?? They'll be named shortly - I think their foster parents are waiting to see their personalities first. However, there are only so many names you go with when all names have to start with the letter V. Right now I just call them by their description prefaced by "little", except I call the female Little Girl.

Little Tux - is that the cutest face or what? Possible a little Zoolander model in the making

Little Girl - this one's pretty cute too!

Little Cow Kitten (kinda!!) - oh no, another cute one.

Little Brown - seriously, I'm having a hard time picking the cutest one!!

Little Gray - a cutie too, but didn't want to pose for a picture like his siblings so not a supermodel kitty in the making

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