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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Update from one of our adopters

I spoke with Wendy (adopter of Meena and Fairfax) today and they love the cats so much.  Meena is doing incredibly well - she makes the rounds and alternates who she sleeps with at night (family of four in the house).  She loves to have her belly rubbed and is super sweet. 

Fairfax has been renamed Otto and is doing better.  The family had a lot of company over the holidays so maybe it was a bit much for our shy boy, but he is doing better.  Fairfax has such a rough start in life and while we're always happy when one of our cats find a great forever home, it's sometimes more heart warming when the home takes a chance on adopting a super shy cat.   Fairfax (sorry Otto - I'll remember it soon!) no longer runs under the bed when he hears a loud noise, he runs towards the bed but doesn't run under it so that's a big step.  The family is accepting of the baby steps and is giving him the time, patience, understanding, and love he needs to blossom.

Meena and Otto love to wrestle and play together -- which is surprising because we thought Meena might do best in a house with no other pets.  But she's doing great with Otto and apparently not terrorizing the dogs! 

Thank you Wendy and family for adopting these great cats and especially for your patience and understanding with Otto. 

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