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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Our babies are growing up - 5 little kittens

Our "V" crew is growing up. They will be 5 weeks old Tuesday. Hard to imagine we've had them 3 weeks. The V kitties all have names now:

  • Vittles (tuxedo kitten)
  • Violet (dark gray tabby - only female and right now it looks like she might be medium haired and not short haired like her brothers)
  • Varjak Paw ("cow kitten")
  • Velcro (brown tabby)
  • Vodka (light gray tabby with white)

The babies are crawling in and out of the tub (with assistance of pet stairs) and having lots of fun playing. The bathtub in a closed bathroom makes a great place for itty bitty babies. It keeps them safe and confined while mama cat can get out of the tub and stretch her legs and get away from the little ones when she needs to.

See how adorable these little monkeys are in the attached video.

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