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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Barn Cat Update

We received this wonderful email from one of our barn/garden cat owners. We relocated Bree and Gunnar to a beautiful farm near Hillsborough. Brie and Gunnar were extremely shy cats that had little hope of being adopted, in addition, they had spent all their life outdoors, it was where they are happiest. We relocated the two in March of this year. Brie and Gunnar are pictured below below (older pictures, cages no longer up, cats are free to roam the property).

Tia - Just got your newsletter and thought I would let you know how our 2 beauties are doing...

They have settled in wonderfully. Both of them feign indifference if you try to call them over, or reach down to pet them - in fact they seem skittish and run away - but I guess that is to be expected. On the other hand, Bree is always waiting at the back door in the morning when we go out to feed the cats and chickens. Both cats love to romp and play around us when we are outside working, and are in fact quite sociable. And they have done a wonderful job keeping away the varmints that were destroying our garden. Yay! Sometimes we find little presents on the door step!

Paul is much braver with the cats than I am - and has been slowly working on picking them up! They become more and more tolerant of that! They also both are comfortable with our lab, Evie, and usually say hello by rubbing noses with her! And you should see them with the guineas! There is one particular grey guinea who is a sort of loner and he has started playing with Bree. It's hilarious to watch them - Bree will chase the bird and then all of a sudden, the bird will turn around and start chasing Bree. And so it goes on. Back and forth. I can't tell you how much pleasure we have from these two special cats.

And how grateful we are to you and Allecats and Angels for bringing them to us.

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