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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Adoptions and new arrivals this week

It seemed like reunion weekend this weekend. Yesterday at least three of our adopters came by to see us and let us know how the cats are doing (all great and all spoiled rotten).  Othello's new mommy (well, it's been 4 or so months) came by and it was terrific to get an update on him.  Othello was one of my favorite fosters, one of the ones that are especially hard to let go and then you cry like a baby even though you know the cat/kitten is going to a fantastic home.

It was a slow week, we only had one adoption this week, but it was a great adoption.  One of our previous adopters came by to adopt another cat from us.  They love cats and also wanted a playmate for Speckles (the cat they adopted from us late summer/early fall.  They spent time with Xanadu, Carmen, and Lexus and decided on Lexus.  It was an awesome match and we're excited.

So, one adopted but we have five new arrivals this week.  We took in two adorable (but then there are no ugly cats -- well maybe those hairless ones) orange and white kittens Tuesday night about 4 months old.  Honestly, it wouldn't matter if they weren't cute, we take in the ones that need us as long as we have space or I'm sure I can find a foster home for.  I don't want to be a rescue that only takes in the prettiest cats.  The kittens were neutered, etc. Thursday but still not ready for adoption.  They need to finish out quarantine and need one more vaccination (FVRCP+FeLV booster) before they can be adopted.  We've named them Beamer and Basil and will have pictures up soon.  We have an application in on the B's already.

Today, we took in a large Siamese mix tom.  He looks to be maybe 4-5 years old.  Gigantic head!  His intake has been planned for several days so he goes to the vet tomorrow morning.  We've named him Jasper and we already have a foster home for him. 

And today was Operation Catnip (spay/neuter clinic for feral and free roaming cats).  Marie (on the board of Alley Cats and Angels) volunteers at OC and has for several years.  She called this morning about a friendly 5-6 month old Siamese mix and pulled her before she was spayed, vaccinated and ear cropped so we can take her to our vet.  OC vets are terrific but the time they spend on surgery and the supplies used should be used for cats that aren't going to a rescue.  Blood already pulled for FeLV/FIV SNAP test and we'll get her into our vet this week for spaying, etc.  No name for this pretty lady yet but will come up with one soon and name her soon.  We need a foster home for this sweet girl.

About 1-2 hours later, Marie emailed me a picture of a kitten and I couldn't say no because she is small and young enough to socialize and adopt out.  She was too small for TNR.  Well, she could've been spayed, but not rabies vaxed yet.  I am a huge TNR advocate but I absolutely hate not pulling the small ones that come into the clinic when we can and working with them to socialize and then adopt them out.  Now if there had been 20 or 30 eight to nine week old kittens there today, we wouldn't have been able to pull them all because we don't have enough foster homes.  It's one of the reasons my friends won't allow me to volunteer at Operation Catnip -- I'd pull so many and bring them home.  Well, "little girl" is a little black kitten with some white hairs here and there and two little twinkletoes on her back fee (two little spots of white on tow middle toes of one back foot).  She's a little spit fire but at 8-9 weeks old, she has loads of potential.  My dearest friend Debbie (traitorous dog foster most of the time now - just kidding on the traitorous part) is fostering her.  She'll have that little spit fire eating out of her hand and totally socialized in a short time.  Debbie has years of experience fostering kittens.  She'll name little girl and get pictures soon I'm sure.  And by pictures, I mean we'll have more pictures than we know what to do with - but that's quit alright. Blood was drawn for the FeLV/FIV test before she went to Debbie's house

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meowmeowmans said...

Congrats on Lexus' adoption! That's great news. And we can imagine it was really wonderful to hear about how well Othello is doing. We love hearing about how our PAWS "graduates" are doing in their forever homes. :)

Looking forward to seeing the new pics.