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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Jazz adopted

The last of his litter and our current featured cat, Jazz was adopted last night by a family that met him at Petsmart earlier in the week.  We are so happy for Jazz.  He's such a good boy.  It's amazing to see how far Jazz had come. After working with him for quite a while, we thought he and his brother, Jacob, might have to be barn cats because they were not only not friendly but try to pick them up and they'd scratch and bite.  So I decided to change tactics and let Jacob and Jazz run around the house and just left them alone and let them come along at their own pace instead of "forcing" attention on them.  And they both did come along.  It was less than three weeks before Jacob was sleeping right next to me at night and being super cuddly and he was adopted a few months ago.  Jazz  came along at a slower pace but he did come along.  Jazz was a favorite at adoption events.  After a few events, he started being a ham and reaching out and grabbing people and nibbling on their fingers and playing with doggies as they passed by (he loves dogs).  And each event, everyone commented on how awesome he was, but then no applications.  So finally!  Jazz's time.  Our handsome gray tabby with the nose of a brown tabby.

I guess that closes the chapter on January adoptions because of the weather.  We had to cancel today's adoption event and it doesn't look good for tomorrow's event either.  We did receive an application last night by a young man that met Fidget and Carmen at Petsmart yesterday.  He came back last night as I was leaving after cleaning the cats and letting them run around and play and spent some time with both of them.

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