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Monday, February 1, 2010

Snow Day Adoption

Fidget was adopted tonight.  It would have been a weekend adoption except for the snow.  That leaves only one of the F "kittens" left -- Fallon (they're 9.5 months old now). We're so happy the family came to Petsmart last week and spent time with several of the older kittens before finally falling in love with Fidget.

Fidget was one of seven kittens that came to us from Hickory.  The kittens were born into a feral colony with no regular caregiver.  The former caregiver has MS and was no longer able to care for the colony.  When the kittens came to us, they were in very poor health.  They were covered in fleas and suffered severe flea anemia. Most of the kittens were dehydrated and severely malnourished. Over half of the kittens had eye problems. Fuzzle and Fairfax had such bad ear mites that the inside of their ears were so caked with blood, all you saw was red. Little Tabby was in the worst shape, he was so painfully thin that it was hard to pick him up without feeling like he would break as soon as you touched him – he was literally skin covering bones. The cats came to us on a Saturday and went to the vet on Monday. With medical treatment and proper food and fluids, the cats were getting better and gaining weight. All of the kittens were getting subcutaneous fluids twice a day and special food/supplemental feedings.  Little Tabby was given extra supplemental feedings and was doing better. Unfortunately, he went downhill one morning and passed away almost a week after we took him in. Several weeks later that we lost one more of the kittens.   It was a long and hard battle and losing two of the kittens broke my heart.  But the remaining five kittens thrived and grew big and strong and healthy.  So while adoptions always make us happy, these adoptions are especially satisfying. 

I'll miss you little Fidget.  Ok, you're not so little now, you've actually gotten chunky.  I'll miss you chunky monkey!  I give you 2 hours before you are spoiled rotten!

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meowmeowmans said...

Hooray for Fidget! Thanks for saving him and his siblings from such dire circumstances. I can understand how these particular adoptions are extra special!