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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Adoptions and Foster "Failures"

This is my last post before I go back to bed and hopefully wake up migraine free tomorrow.

We had four adoptions today but one of those was extra special (Tipper), read below and you'll see why.

Varjak Paw and Vittles were adopted today.  They are 13-week old kittens that have been in a foster to adopt home since they were 8 weeks old.  They were vetted Monday and so the adoption was done today. Obviously, we planned on that adoption this weekend.

Tipper was adopted this weekend.  Tipper!!!!  Ok, the reason for all the exclamation points is that Tipper has been in the adoption program since December 2008.  Tipper was found living in a storm drain near a pizza shop and would run under cars as they parked to stay warm.  When he was rescued, his ears and above his eyes were singed from the heat of the cars.  For a long time, Tipper didn't "show well" at adoption events but lately he has started to blossom at the events. I'm sure it is very bitter sweet for his foster mom.  She was the one that rescued him and has had him until now.  But she really liked his adoptive parents and that makes a huge difference.  Tipper, we are so happy.  It might take a while to get the adult adopted, but no matter how long it takes, we are dedicated to finding them a great home.

And last, we have another foster "failure".  Instead of bringing Optimus to the event today, his foster mom and dad came out to adopt him!  Apparently, they couldn't let him go.  We lose more foster homes that way - they adopt one or two of their fosters and can't foster anymore.  So Rebecca and Derek, welcome to the club.  I've been there, well kinda.  About 5 or so years ago, my dear friend Debbie fostered for the SPCA while I did independent rescue before I founded Alley Cats and Angels.  She had 13 kittens at one time and they all had ringworm so I was up there most nights visiting them with her for several hours and then we did the twice weekly baths with anti-fungal shampoo, nightly meds (oral and topical), bleaching the room, etc.  But from the second she brought the kittens home and I saw one of them I cried "that's MY LOVE MUFFIN"!!  Funny thing, she was on the L's (she named each litter she fostered by letter of the alphabet) and the name Love Muffin stuck.  And then I also fell in love with "lots-o-fluff" who we named Lambchop. When the time came for them to go to the center to be adopted, I couldn't do it.  I helped Debbie write descriptions for all the cats and she knew I would be adopting Love Muffin and Lambchop when she saw the pitiful writeups I did for them.  I couldn't bring myself to write great things about them because that meant they could get adopted.  Of course I adopted the two furry monsters (they literally climbed the curtains at my house!), oh but I love them so.  So even though those two weren't officially my fosters, I really am a foster failure too.

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