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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Papa's in the House!!

For those of you that read last weekend's post about trapping cats at the beach and how only mama cat was caught, well, this story has a happy ending -- which you can guess by the title of this post. Amy, the caregiver, went back to to the beach Thursday and no luck. But she went back yesterday and came home with papa! YEEHAW - Papa's in the house! Literally. Mama cat even got on Amy's bed today. Great progress. Amy has been caring for the mama and papa feral for a long time so the cats accept her. I hope they'll be happy inside now that they are safe and sound.

Since I can't speak or understand "cat", I don't know for sure that my inside ferals are happy but they really do seem to be. And they won't go near an outside door for anything, it's like their thinking "hey, we're inside now, uh uh - we're not going back out!!". And they never will. They are my babies even if they won't let me tickle their tummies or rub their heads. Although revax time each year is a nightmare. Except for Katie Lou - that poor girl isn't that bright. Every year - put some tuna in a trap and every year, she goes in! The rest have to be corraled and snatched and put into carriers (this task is not for the faint of heart - my friend Marie does the lions share of cornering and putting in carriers).

Great work Amy. You're a pro trapper now!

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