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Monday, February 22, 2010

Weekend update and new cats

Well, unfortunately, after such a great Valentines Day adoption weekend, we didn't have any adoptions this past weekend.  Although there was quite a bit of interest in Usher and Qadira.  Except Qadira doesn't seem to care much for children.  But then she has Siamese in her, what do you expect?!

And we had three returns.  Andy and Angie were adopted on Valentines Day weekend and we knew there was a possibility they would be returned because of a history of allergies and they were returned Friday.  We also need to update Angie's profile as she isn't particularly fond of children.  And big Rascal (the bed hog) cannot go to a home with a dominate male cat because Rascal is dominant.  I felt so bad, the family tried everything and tried for more than three months to make it work.  Rascal does fine with female cats after a couple days of growling and will sleep next to them and be their buddy.  And he does fine with passive male cats (which I guess is why he does fine with my Bailey boy - poor Bailey's a wuss). 

We took in two 4-5 month old kittens last week and they are currently in need of a foster home.  They are super sweet and very friendly.  Eclipse is a shiny black female and Emma is a pretty light brown tabby.   I'll get pictures this week.

We took in a black male and an orange tabby male last week also, they are about 4-5 months old.  I believe their names are Dominick and Darren.  One of our vets rescued them from a storm drain and we took them in.  They are sweet boys but still need more socialization before they can go to adoption events.  They are currently in a foster home with older children.  This foster home does a great job socializing kittens.  We'll get pictures soon.

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mellocat said...

Aw, I remember the day Rascal was adopted. Sorry to hear he couldn't get along with another dominant male. He's soooo friendly with people.