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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Meet BB

Let me start out this post by saying please excuse any typos or horrendous grammar.  I've been fighting a terrible migraine since yesterday morning. 

BB is not his permanent name, just his temporary name - it stands for "bitey brat".  BB was found wandering around a neighborhood before the last snow.  Apparently, he was wandering around for some time before we were contacted to take him in. 

BB is super friendly at about 9-10 weeks old so I can't imagine he was born to a feral; but you never know. He bites something terrible (I have the marks all over my hands) and we're working on that -- if you have any ideas let me know, my way of tapping the nose (lightly) and saying no doesn't work because it makes him mad and I get bit harder.  I have to be very careful scruffing him because I noticed that it seems to bother him so he'll be getting to the vet next week to get that checked out. 

He doesn't know how to play with other kittens and is very possessive with toys (growl, hiss, slap, bite, scratch).  He got ahold of a catnip toy and wow, that's all she wrote.  And I'm not sure he's ever been fed anything other than people food when he was fed because he goes nuts when I open the fridge. 

So our little boy needs to go to kitten finishing school to learn some manners, but he's bound to be a great boy. 

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