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Monday, February 15, 2010

Meet some more newcomers

Not a newcomer (well, been with us three weeks but I've been remiss on taking pictures; I have to borrow Marie's really good camera to take pix since the iphone doesn't cut it for website pictures).  This is Qadira, the friendly cat we took in last month after she was brought into a free roaming spay/neuter clinic (primarily for feral cats).  She's much prettier than her picture, but oh she did not want to model for us at all!  Qadira is a Siamese mix (with a pretty tabby tail) and is about 6 months old.  Her eyes almost switch between sea foam green and really light blue depending on the light.

Shannon Rose, on the other hand, was more than happy to sit and look beautiful for the camera!  Shannon Rose was found in the middle of a busy road and was extremely hungry.  She's a sweet and pretty lady, about 1.5-2 years old per the vet.  Shannon Rose does not think to highly of dogs (well, they drool ya know).

Finally, this is "paw kitty".  We must name paw kitty, so maybe Paulina.  Paw kitty was trapped behind a business but the caregiver did not want to put her back out because of her paw.  Paw kitty has a leg and paw that is either under developed or has atrophed and her paw curves so the claws grow into her paw which explains why the caregiver always saw little blood droplets. Paw kitty is now declawed on one paw (it was the most humane thing to do for this situation, otherwise paw kitty would always be in pain and that's worse) and we would help the caregiver find a super, extra fabulous barn home for paw kitty.  Well, paw kitty isn't hard core feral. She's super shy, scared, but doesn't tense when you pick her up.  She's got loads of potential.  She needs a lot of socialization and one on one, but we're up to the challenge.  Once she's ready, we'll find her a wonderful forever home, cropped ear and all.   Paw kitty is about 5 months old. 

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meowmeowmans said...

They are all beautiful. Purrs and prayers that they all find forever homes soon. :)