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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Anyone have any ideas for Q names

I will be naming the young Siamese mix from Operation Catnip something that starts with a Q since it's one of the letters with the fewest names.  Makes sense to use it for just one cat.   I used Qaylee (pronounced kaylee) for the Q girl last year.  However, I'm at a loss this time.  Other than Queenie, most of the names I've found are for males. 

She is a super sweet girl.  Weather permitting (if we don't have tons of snow since I live on the Dante's Peak of Knightdale (horribly steep and long driveway), she will be spayed, etc. Monday. 


meowmeowmans said...

What about Quinn? Or Qunitessa? Quintana?

mellocat said...

Qadira, from Arabic, meaning powerful.

mellocat said...

(Sorry, that was incomplete because I'm playing which browser will let me post comments.) I like Qadira because it has "dear" in it when pronounced. (At least, the way I'd pronounce it.)

Or Querida, which means darling in Spanish.

Alley Cats and Angels of North Carolina said...

And I had a bunch of ideas emailed to me. I think I'm partial to Qadira. We might be getting her brother too. There were three in the "colony", mama was hit by a car last Saturday night. We took in Qadira and now poor brother is all by himself. His caretaker is bringing him in at night but husband super anti-cat. Brother (they call him Tigger, but that will be changed) not as in your face friendly as Qadira but sounds like he has potential. I just can't leave him by himself.