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Monday, January 18, 2010

Terrific Tabbies Week!

Come see our kitties in the adoption center of the PetSmart Knightdale.  They will be there through Sunday, January 31. 

We have tabbies, tabbies, more tabbies, and a couple of black kittens!  All of our "cats of color" [e.g. orange, buff, Siamese mix, etc.] were either adopted in the past week, were in the adoption center at the PetSmart Capital for the past two weeks so we don't want them back in cages at another adoption center (too long in cages), or are cats that just won't do well in the adoption center. 

So come see the terrific tabbies this week.  We have a variety.  Brown tabby, gray tabby, gray tabby with white, gray creme tabby.  Marble tabbies, mackeral tabbies, patched tabbies.  See, they might be all tabbies but there's variety!  And of course the two adorable black kittens.

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