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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Meet Jazz, super sweet tabby

All of Jazz's siblings have been adopted and he really wants a forever home of his own soon.

Rescued as an 8-9 week old feral kitten, Jazz sure has come along way.  He was very shy and skittish and would scratch and bite if you tried to pick him up.  Now, the only time he tries to run is when he sees the carrier - he hates going in the carrier.  Jazz likes to be picked up and loved.  He even tolerates his foster mom kissing him on the nose. Jazz likes other cats but does need some acclimation time.  Jazz seems to like dogs.  He hasn't been in a foster home with dogs but when doggies come visit him at adoption events he likes to reach out and touch their noses.  He never puts his claws out or scratches, and he never slaps the doggies - he is genuinely trying to play with the dogs and it's cute.  He loves to reach out and grab people and lick their fingers and give them little love nibbles.  Jazz is a handsome fellow, we wish he would sit still so we could take a better picture.  What a handsome gray tabby with a little brown tabby nose.  :-)

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