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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Weekend update (adoptions and incoming and other news)

Two older kittens (8-9 months) were adopted today.  Both Stroodle and Fuzzle found new homes.  Our little girls found great homes.

So, we adopted out two and we're taking in four adults.  :-)  We're taking in one cat that was abanonded at Petsmart in a bag several weeks ago and it appeared as if he had caught his neck or hung on something, it was so bad.  But he's doing great and will come home with us tomorrow. Zammie is a super sweet gray brown tabby manx.  I love the tailless cats!  We named him Zammie in honor of the Petsmart manager, Zamantha. 

And we're taking in three very shy very big adult cats (Tiger, Price, and Aubrey) from a very small rescue group that is taking a small step back from rescue right now due to serious family illness.  The current foster home for these cats is coming over to Alley Cats and Angels and will continue to foster the three until we find other foster homes or they are adopted.  These boys are big handsome hunks and they'll be up on the website soon.  We wish the other rescue group the absolute best and they are in our prayers.

And lastly, our cats will now be featured in the Petsmart Knightdale adoption center the last two weeks of each month.  So that's Petsmart Knightdale last two weeks of every month, and Petsmart Capital Boulevard first two weeks of every other month, with adoption events held each weekend we are in that location.  Plus our other regular option venues of Pet Supplies Plus and Petco Brier Creek, and the "non-regular" adoption venues.  We actually have the Petsmart Capital Boulevard store adoption space every other month for the full month but we don't believe in keeping cats caged that long.  So we have given another rescue group the Capital Boulevard adoption center the last two weeks of each month we are there. 

We need more adoption event volunteers and volunteers to help clean cages and visit with the cats while we are in the adoption centers.  Nightly cleaning takes about 20-30 minutes and then out of cage, interactive play time with the cats.  Overall, it's about a 75-90 minute committment at night.  It's a great way to help the cats.  You can volunteer for one night a week, one night every two weeks, or as often as your schedule allows.  If you're interested in joining the cleaning team, please email

A lot of news for one weekend.

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meowmeowmans said...

Hooray for Stroodle and Fuzzle! We love happy endings!

Thanks for the great work you're doing.