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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Because Black Goes with Everything - Black Cat Adoption Promotion

Black Cat Adoption Promotion: November 1-30, 2010 (adoption fee for all black cats reduced to just $50 for the month of November)

Studies show that black cats are about half as likely to be adopted as other cats. On average, they stay several months longer in rescues and shelters than any other cats. Black cats are routinely overlooked by potential adopters for a variety of reasons: superstition, they don’t photograph well, they aren’t distinctive, and there are so many of them in shelters that they just don’t stand out like the colorful calico or orange tabby.

While black cats sometimes conjure up all sorts of thoughts of bad luck, they have also actually been thought to bring good luck at different points in history. The cats themselves don’t cause bad luck but the false reputation of being bad luck often causes them to be unlucky at adoption events.

Black cats need love and a safe home just like other cats in shelter. Black cats are commonly known for have easy going and good natured personalities. They have so much to offer and ask for so little in return.

Black cats are truly gorgeous and regal creatures. Their fur typically has a glossy satin sheen unlike other cats and when the light catches their fur, it shimmers.

We encourage potential adopters to give a black cat a chance – their playful, easygoing attitude will charm you into making them a permanent part of your family. Because Black Goes with Everything!

Click here for a printable PDF flyer of our Black Cat Adoption Promotion:

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